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Playing a Game is a Fun and Serious Work

For children, the best way to learn is by playing. They enjoy playing games and make them happy. They learn new things without even realizing it. They discover the world. From infancy, there are educational toys with various features for children of all ages. With the right toy, you can help your child to discover the world….

Until around primary school age, for children, everything is game. Their brains record everything they see, process and use them when the time comes. They can turn anything in the house or on the street into a toy. They surprise us with their creativity. There are also toys that foster this limitless imagination and creativity of children. 

Toys Are Like The Time Machine That Takes Everyone to Childhood

You can think of the toy industry as an endless ocean. Even if you try to make a limitation under the title of "educational toys", you will encounter hundreds of different toys. Big Guide has brought together the best educational toys that will support the development of your children. How to choose educational toys? Which educational toy should be chosen for which age group? What are the right toys for kids? You can find answers to these questions by browsing through the Big Guide pages. You can choose the best toys for your child…

The first years of infancy are the period when mental and physical development is the fastest. The right toys you will choose for your child during this period will affect his / her physical and mental development. Various color and size toys develop children's imaginations. It strengthens hand eye coordination. It supports the development of visual memory, increasing focus, strengthening attention and muscle development.

For example, play dough not only improves hand muscles, it expands imagination as well. The child is both surprised and happy as he begins to do what he sees around him with a dough. His imagination and learning remind him that there are hundreds of other things to do.

Trying to piece together the picture of a cartoon hero, that is, puzzle making, is one of the activities that children enjoy greatly. He specializes in seeing the parts of the whole. Lives the happiness of completing a missing pattern.

There are many toys that teach numbers, colors, foreign languages, planets, writing, painting, and stepping into the world of science. Are you ready to discover board games, blocks, crayons, writing sets and dozens of other toys?

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