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Last Updated October, 2020

What Is Floating Globe With Full Buying Guide

Do you find geography boring? Or perhaps do you just love scientific art? Floating globes were particularly manufactured with the sophistication that is captivating and worthwhile. Science and technology has made it possible to have globes that don’t have to be supported by stands or supported by physical contact. Floating globes are quite similar to the traditional world globes in the market, however, 

Magnetic Globewith a significant difference in its functionality mechanisms. Floating globes are mostly decorative for workspaces and homes. They are also educational. Not only are they used to learn about geography, but also magnetic levitation since it is the physics behind floating globes. It is also a cool toy to buy for your child.  Fantastic gift to buy your friend and an awesome gadget for a young or old 

person who is tech savvy. Some people just purchase floating globes for their appealing and interesting features. It is an ornament that everyone cannot help but gaze at when they come across  

in your home or office. Some of the distinctive features of most floating globes are:


Maybe you are wondering how come floating globes actually 

float in air. It is because they are fitted with a magnet whose force balances the earth’s gravitational force resulting in its mid-air continuous floatation.

Senders Floating Globe


This a common feature in all floating globes. It is closely linked to its feature of having electromagnetic forces. The levitation mechanism of a floating globe ensures that it remains suspended in a stable position without the need for any physical contact.


Many floating globes are fitted with LED lights that make them glow and attractive. They can provide muted lighting to a room at night. Some of the lights are coloured while others are plain white. The globes are also designed in different colours such as black, blue, gold, making them more colourful and pleasant to view.


They can also be connected to a power supply that makes them rotate continuously and most of the times horizontally. Others are designed to rotate automatically.

Setting Up a Floating Globe

First, floating globe setups and operating instructions depend on the type you purchase. However, generally speaking, setting up a floating globe is pretty easy. It may be a little frustrating at first especially as a first timer or because of anxiety or impatience but you eventually get a hang of its simplicity.

Basically, you have first connect the floating globe to the power supply or switch on the globe’s base. Then gently and slowly move the globe, usually fitted with a magnet, inside the main floating globe frame until it holds at the levitation position without it sticking on the frame. For the floating globe with a base at the bottom, slowly move the globe towards the base until the levitation position is attained. In other words, the position will just feel right and the globe will rotate. Floating globes are just the ideal accessory that can ignite anyone’s interest in science.

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