World Globes

History, Geography And Style In A Single Intricate Accessory: The World Globe

We often tend to refer to world globes or map on a spinning a circular object, that’s all. Interestingly, there’s much more a world globe has to offer. It is a representation of the earth without distortion, better than how it is represented on maps. The accuracy of a world globe is one of the features that make them better and best preferred than the normal flat maps. World globes are manufactured in different designs, styles, colours, sizes and uses. Globes can be placed at your convenient spot in your office, home, library or classroom.

Invented in the 2nd century after discovery that the earth is round, world globes continue to be manufactured with sophisticated technique, as a representation of the earth’s geography, history and topography. World globes are very useful for the study or understanding of geography. Interacting with the world through a world globe is interesting and fun. They can be used as a key visual aid while teaching or learning. Spinning an illuminated world globe while teaching your child about geography would most definitely make the learning easier, captivating and enjoyable.

Also, they are handy for navigation and learning about political boundaries. Hence, it is a key accessory for a geography student, professor or expert, historian, explorer, ship captain or a wanderlust person, just to name a few. They are also a perfect home or office décor with a variety of models that suit every unique aesthetic taste. They add a classy and elegant minutia to its environs.

Replogle Lancaster World Globe

Types of World Globes You Need to Know

Though there are numerous world globes in existence today, here are seven common but useful types you can purchase.

Political Globes : These are globes characterized by a display of political boundaries of different countries and highlighting less details about the world’s physical features.

Physical Globes : This type of globe displays purely geographical or topographical features of the earth.

Illuminated Globes : They may be physical or political but with a unique feature of lighting. It displays lights that may be used to improve a room’s ambience especially at night. Their soft glow brightens the globe making it charming and attractive to view.

Replogle Standard World Globe 

Non-illuminated Globes : Unlike the illuminated globes, these globes are non-lighted. They are more conservative, mostly floor globes, with a sense of a traditional antique that is simple and suave. 

Desk Globes : Usually placed on a desk, mostly in offices both at home or at work. A perfect accessory that brings to life a touch of style and classical taste. While taking a break responding to a long thread of work emails, you can relax while figuring out your next family vacation on your spinning globe. 

Inflatable Globes : A globe that can be filled with air and hanged in a room or used by children to play. It is a more portable, fun and easy to handle.

Floor Stand Globes : They are freestanding in nature, available in different sizes, colours and styles supported by a variety of stands. They are multi-purpose, that is, decorative, educational or both.

A world globe as an atlas isn’t a perfect definition of intriguing and attractive?  I bet it is!

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