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Projection devices are electronic products that serve to reflect the image on a surface with the simplest expression. A clearly mirrored image determines the quality of the projector.

Projection devices are generally used in schools, educational institutions, conference halls, workplaces. Projection devices are used for many purposes such as presentations, lectures and watching movies. Thanks to these devices, visuality is used more in the field of education. It has been used in homes in recent years. Especially those who love to watch movies prefer projection to reach cinema quality in their homes. With the developing technology, the projections have not become luxurious but have taken their place in daily use.

There are projection devices in different brands and models. The image quality and magnification rates of each model vary. Devices with HD image quality have further increased the interest in projection. There are issues to be considered when buying a projector. What should be considered when buying a projector?

The most important criterion that will determine your preference is where and for what purpose you will use the device. For example, if you are presenting to a crowded group at work, it is important for everyone to see the image clearly. At this stage, the dimensions of the room where the projection will be used become important. The wall dimensions of the projection screen will determine your room. The amount of light in the room is also one of the factors that determine the preference. According to the most used formula, the room should have a viewing distance of 1.5 times the screen width.

After the external factors are calculated, the features of the device should be taken closer. At this stage, the resolution, contrast ratio and light power-brightness values ​​are taken into account. Other criteria that determine the preference include features such as short distance, wireless, HDMI projection. Among the devices that attract attention recently, 3D projections are.

There are many models that provide contrast with natural colors, provide an excellent gaming experience, provide a clear image even in dim environments, and provide a wide image at close range.

The projectors come to our aid when we need a big screen. To reach a large screen, it is necessary to pull the projector back. The inverse proportion forces us here. The devices have optimum display ranges. As the projector retracts, contrast and light power begin to decrease. So the bigger screen does not always provide the best view. Just looking at the light power is not enough for a clear view. The relation of light power with contrast must be taken into consideration.

As brightness increases in the projector, lamp life decreases. If you want to prefer both high brightness and long-life lamp, this time you will see the price started to increase. Choosing models with eco mode can provide an advantage in this regard.

LED Floodlights rank high in preferences. These devices have a lamp life of up to 30,000 hours. The lamp life required for home use is maximum 6,000 hours.

Projection devices are categorized according to imaging technologies. DLP and LCD projections are the most common technologies. The expansion of DLP is digital light processing. In this system, the light is digitally processed and reflected. A large number of moving parts are used in DLP projection production. The disadvantage of this technology is that these parts may deform over time.

Another technology in projection devices is LCD. Liquid abbreviation of crystal display words. There are 3 LCD panels in the system. This technology is also called 3LCD. Since it does not contain moving equipment like in DLP, it is not affected by jolts and falls. These models require lamp and filter replacement. Other than that, it is not the models that cost too much.

The most determining features when buying a projector are its usage area, frequency of use and of course budget. In order to choose the most suitable projection device for your needs and budget, you can examine the models on our site and make detailed comparisons.

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