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One of the ways to have a good time with your loved ones at home is to make a barbecue. For a perfect barbecue experience, you need a good barbecue.

When making barbecue, you should first take your security measures. Barbecue should be installed in a solid, heat-resistant and flat area. Young children and pets should stay away from the barbecue. There should be no flammable items near the barbecue.

You should use the right equipment correctly to avoid unwanted accidents. Heat resistant barbecue gloves will be one of your most important assistants. You should also pay attention to the clothes on you before you go to the barbecue. You should avoid easily flammable fabrics. With the barbecue apron, you can protect your clothes against heat and oil splashes.

Charcoal, gas, or electric ... No matter what kind of barbecue you choose, you must follow the necessary safety precautions. For example, in charcoal barbecues, dry ones are recommended instead of liquid igniters. Coal should be discarded no later than 12 hours after it has cooled down. Gas barbecues must be ignited with the lid open. Drip cups and hose should be checked regularly. The gas cylinder should be stored outdoors. It is recommended that electric barbecues should not be used with multiple sockets. It is also important to protect against moisture.
You should preheat your meat before placing it on the barbecue. When you reach the appropriate temperature, barbecue pleasure can begin. Fish, red or white meat, vegetables… What are your favorites? Are you ready for a delicious barbecue party?

You have prepared the products you want to grill. Maybe you marinated some of them to increase their flavor. Now you can head to the barbecue and prepare a feast for yourself and your loved ones. Let's give you some tips.

Are you preparing steaks? Allow to stand at room temperature for about half an hour before meeting with the barbecue. Thus, you will prepare a more juicy and delicious steak. If you want to eat soft meat, you can first marin it with acidic ingredients such as fruit and vegetable juices, yogurt, vinegar. Do not rush to add salt and spices. Make your additions 5 minutes after taking from the fire.

If you are a meatball lover, let's make an important reminder. You watch the meatballs cook on the BBQ. Your stomach is hungry. You are getting ready to press the spatula into your meatballs. Don't do it. The juice of the meat disappears and its flavor decreases. The result will be similar even if you dip the barbecue fork into your meat.

If you want to eat a crispy skin while cooking poultry, you can put the breast skin on medium heat for the last five minutes. You can also prepare a delicious fish with BBQ. The most important thing to remember is not to leave the barbecue. Because the fish cooks very quickly.

Grilled vegetables are best suited to a meat cooked on a barbecue. Vegetables prepared easily and quickly will increase the taste of your meal. You can also grill fruits such as bananas, pineapples, and peaches.

Having a house with a garden will increase your taste and improve your skills. You don't need professional gardeners for the care and beauty of your garden. You can do it yourself with the right equipment and a little attention.

Pruning brings the gardens to life. It shows green areas more well maintained and beautiful. For this you need to choose the right pruning saw. The right equipment makes your job easier. Moreover, it is very important for the health of plants. For this process, you can choose between inclined, spring or telescopic saws. When buying a tree pruner, make sure that it has a corrosion-resistant steel structure. Of course, it should also have a strong cutting feature. You can also get help from foldable saw models to rejuvenate your fruit trees and plants. If you will use the saw not only for garden maintenance, but also for cutting wood, you can choose saws with a sharp and durable blade structure. You can also use pruning shears for your garden care. Products such as hoes, twigs, shovels are also materials that will help you in the care of your garden.

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