Womens Sweatpants

Sweatpants May Not Be The New Jeans, But Here Are 5 Reasons Why They Still Make For Great Gym Wear

Womens Sweatpants

Did you know that sweatpants were originally invented in France in the 1920s as sportswear? Following their creation, they proved popular among French athletes of the day and best-option sports gear at the Olympics in the subsequent years.

They’re primarily made of cotton fabric and have an adjustable waistband, which makes them lose-fitting yet comfortable.

For this reason, sweatpants have been ‘casualized’ to the point of being a casual Fridays outfit at the office, the best attire when you’re heading out the mall, meeting up with a friend for coffee, or running some quick errands. And of course, one of the more common go-to apparel when heading for a workout at the gym.

For all you women wondering whether sweatpants are a right choice of bottoms for training at the gym, they’re. It’s probably the reason why they go by the name tracksuit bottoms or joggers in Europe and several other parts of the world.

Start wearing sweatpants for warm-ups and full-on workout sessions, and thank us later.

5 Benefits You Are Missing out on by Not Wearing Sweatpants When Exercising


The vast majority of women’s sweatpants contain purely cotton or polyester, or a heavy knit mixture of the two fabrics. You can choose to buy a pocketless pair of sweatpants. But if you would like to have a personal item like your mobile phone close to you while you workout, numerous options came with pockets.

And you don’t have to worry about fitting any waistline buttons and buttonholes. That’s because sweatpants come with either an elastic waistline or drawstrings that you can adjust to fit your size. So, a woman on a weight loss journey can actually wear the same training bottoms throughout the regimen.

Sweatpants can also be loose-fitting or form-fitting. Either way, they’re flexible enough to accommodate a whole range of exercises such as aerobics, all kinds of weightlifting, indoor brisk-walking, stationary cycling, and prenatal yoga.

Women’s Sweatpants Are the Solution to Excessive Perspiration

Exercising is intense work. Your body gets subjected to a higher level of energy expenditure than usual as you workout and you end up sweating more. Sweating is your body’s natural way of detoxing, cooling off, and regulating its temperature.

For women who have certain conditions such as hyperhidrosis, the level of perspiration can be a bit extreme, even in cool weather. That means workout sessions can have you drenched in a matter of minutes. What better way to control such a situation than to wear sweatpants?

Workout sweatpants are not only breathable; their cotton or polyester fabric design absorbs and wicks away body moisture and sweat. The result is a fresh, dry feeling rather than a clammy situation, which can really affect your productivity at the gym.

Keep Warm with Sweatpants

A good number of people have sweatpants for pajamas. And it’s understandable: they are comfy, others are unisex and can actually be shared, and, most importantly, they keep you warm.

The dense knit is a great candidate for trapping and retaining heat. Sweatpants are like a tag team partner to your body hair. They work hand in hand to reserve warm air between them and your body.

Imagine working out in winter in negative zero degrees weather. Sweatpants came in handy when you’re the kind of fitness freaks that must rise at 4:00 a.m. to hit the gym.

Between beating the freezing morning cold, fighting through the snow to get to the gym, and successfully completing all the planned sets of your workout, it’s safe to say the sweatpants play an essential role in maintaining your optimal body temperature, especially in less than ideal climate.

Loosen Up Your Muscles

The heat that sweatpants help generate isn’t just right for your skin and body temperature; it’s also crucial to give your muscles a head start. Most people like to stretch it out or have a muscle massage before getting into core gym workouts.

Others prefer to warm up, for example, by spot-jogging or going for a short run, before jumping into the main gym exercises for the day. The heat from sweatpants compliments your warm-up routine and relaxes your muscles.

Easing muscles before gym sessions can help avoid instances of muscle pulls, joint pain and injury. It also reduces the likelihood of post-workout muscle soreness.

Have a Worry-Free Period

When it’s that time of the month, and you have to watch what you wear when unceremoniously stepping out of the house, let alone going to the gym, look no farther than sweatpants. You don’t want everybody noticing that you have a pad on every time you bend over or squat to do some legwork reps (repetitions).

Trust sweatpants to add an extra covering layer fashionably, conceal your little secret and still give you the confidence to take on whatever vigorous workout sets that your trainer has lined up for you.

And in case of any accidents during your exercise session, dark-colored—for instance, black, charcoal or deep red—sweatpants will be glad to absorb the blood flow long enough for you to excuse yourself without any awkwardness or embarrassing moments.

As it is right now, there is a raging debate in fashion circles whether sweatpants have graduated from something you sleep in or loungewear to chic clothing worthy of outdoor appearances. Adam Sandler is always in sweatpants when out on a stroll to get some fresh air and even when checking in for interviews such as Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Several female celebrities are donning fancy sweatpants every other day to make a fashion statement and, most likely for the very reasons listed in this article. So, sweatpants are still cool (they have always been).

And when it comes to fashion that’s appropriate for a fitness lifestyle such as gyming and yoga, sweatpants are right up that alley. Ditch the compression shorts and incorporate sweatpants as part of your activewear. You won’t regret it.

Womens Sweatpants

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