Hpa Tanks

Why You Should Consider Buying HPA Tanks Instead Of CO2 Tanks

Hpa Tanks

HPA tanks are an important accessory that need to purchase for your airsoft and paintball equipment. Launching paintballs requires pressure. The type of tank you purchase depends on the paintball marker cycle.  If you have an electronic paintball gun, HPA tanks are the most appropriate for you.

When the paintball was first invented in 1981, CO2 was the conventional liquid used to create the pressure used to fire the paintballs. They have been used for the longest time ever mostly because they are cheap, with the option of purchasing disposable or refillable CO2 tanks. However, players discovered the many drawbacks associated with using CO2 and quickly transitioned to high pressure compressed air.

What are the Advantages of Best HPA Tanks?


Also known as nitrogen tanks or nitro, HPA tanks are preferred because of their consistency in pressure. CO2 tanks require expansion of liquid CO2 to gas, which cools very quickly as it expands resulting a reduction of pressure. Therefore, firing the paintball gun faster means that it gets called quickly. HPA tanks remedy this drawback. They improve accuracy since they provide consistent velocity



HPA tanks contain compressed nitrogen, and air is made up of 78% nitrogen. This makes it safer than CO2 which is can be intoxicating when concentrated. Elevated levels of CO2 in the human respiratory system can be hazardous. You can potentially suffer severe respiratory issues, migraines and increased heart rates. Nitro is non-toxic and its simply compressed air, which is environmentally friendly and safe for humans.

No Risk of Explosion

CO2 tanks also have a high risk of exploding due to the boiling liquid expanding vapor explosion (BLEVE). It mostly occurs when a tank is punctured and massive amounts of CO2 leak out of it. Such explosions can be fatal. HPA tanks are uniquely designed to provide maximum safety without risk of explosion. Most of them are made with aluminium and covered with carbon fibres. The fact that the tank is filled with compressed nitrogen, the cylinder can only release air or gas. BLEVE explosions are therefore quite impossible with HPA tanks.

Safety Precautions You Need Know when Purchasing and Handling HPA Tanks

  • Beware of the tank’s hydro date. It is usually stamped on the cylinder A tank needs to be retested after its safety duration lapses, mostly about 3-10 years.
  • Be careful with how you refill your HPA tanks. It cannot be refilled using tire pumps or normal shop compressors. You can however, use a scuba tank.
  • When filling your HPA tanks, ensure there is no flammable material, such as grease or oil around. The tank usually becomes hot during refilling.
  • Keep your HPA tank away from the sun when not in use. This will help maintain its regulator seals. Store it in a dry place.
  • Purchase a tank cover if your tank is only fitted with fiber. A damaged HPA tank cannot be repaired. Since they are costlier than CO2 tanks, it’s advisable to invest in its protection.
  • Ensure your tank is regularly serviced, inspected and handles by a qualified person and with strict adherence to the manufacturer’s instructions.

At a Glance: Our Top Picks

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#TOP 2
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Ninja Paintball Compressed Hpa Air Tank W/ Adjustable Regulator (all Colors / Sizes) (68/4500 Carbon, Std Adj Reg, Translucent Black, 68ci)
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Hpa Tanks

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