Arts, Crafts & Sewing

Arts, Crafts & Sewing

Listen to the artist in you. No matter what profession you are doing, there is perhaps a secret artist waiting to go out in your soul. Isn't it enough that you neglect it so much? Make room for works of art in your life, even for just a little rest.
You can start with a canvas, some paint and a brush. Free yourself and put your dreams on canvases.
Would you like to present your own style with your own design? How about revealing your talent in sewing? With fabrics, threads, a pair of scissors and a sewing machine, you can sew unique clothes.
Are you among those who cannot say "no" to fine jewelry? You can design the most beautiful jewelry.
It is the right time to reveal whichever artist you are hiding in you. You can easily access suitable products for all handicrafts on our site.

Unleash Your Artist Spirit

A frame that will make your home beautiful ... A scarf that will keep your neck warm ... A beautiful picture ... A stylish jewelry ... Beautiful gifts that you have prepared with your hands, that will always remind you of your loved ones ... There is no limit to your creativity. It is not possible for any product purchased in a shop to replace manual labor. You can create a lot of art with your talent and love

The past of handicrafts and art is as old as human history. We come across these works even in the periods before Christ. Art is indispensable for human beings. For this reason, it is always in our lives in different periods and with different trends. Even the industrialization that started in the 18th century could not dethrone handicraft. Even the art movement that emerged as a reaction to the industrial revolution in the middle of the 19th century took its name from "art and craft". During this period, handmade products resisted machine production.

With skillful hands, anything can turn into a work of art. An invaluable product is put.

Being interested in arts and crafts allows you to avoid stress. You move away from daily worries and enter a completely different world. You calm down, find peace and be happy.

There are a wide variety of handicrafts such as painting, knitting, sewing, sculpture, jewelry design, and ceramics. In what field are you talented? Are you taking enough time to reveal your talents? How did you discover your interest in art? What do you like to do? What would you recommend to those who are just starting to be interested in handicrafts?

Reflect Your Color On The Canvases

The most basic need for painting is a pencil and a paper. Or a canvas, brush and paint. It can be turned into a fabric, an old coffee table, a tray, a wall, a canvas. Just like the area you will use, the materials you will use while painting are also varied. You can choose the type of paints you like to work with, such as oil paints, acrylic paints, watercolors, spray paints, crayons. You can also draw pencil drawings.

The most essential thing for painting is your talent and curiosity. Like any branch of art, painting requires hard and disciplined work. Using correct and quality products will also be tools that help you get a good result. By choosing the right materials for you, you can freely reveal your talents, without restriction. Every artist can choose to work with different types of paint on different floors. What kind of paints do you prefer to use on which floor?

Surfaces such as canvas, fabric and glass are the most preferred. Acrylic paint is among the favorite paints of many painters because it dries quickly. Moreover, when it gets on your clothes, it can be easily cleaned. Watercolor is one of those styles that don't require much equipment. Gouache paints that can be diluted with water and can be used on all kinds of paper also attract great interest. One of the first paints that come to mind when talking about painting is undoubtedly oil paints. Oil Paints take more time to work with than other paints. Usually three layers are studied for an accurate result. After each layer, the paint is allowed to dry thoroughly. The biggest advantage of working with multiple layers is the correction of any errors that may have occurred in the previous layers. You should also remember to frequently ventilate the work area.

Like the right paint, the right brush is important. There are many types of brushes according to their sizes, handles and bristle types.

If you are interested in painting, you may also need items such as easel, palette, drawing paper, painting bag, varnish. But remember, the most important thing for success is disciplined work.

Lord of the Jewelry

Jewelry design is one of the most popular handicrafts in recent years. You can increase your elegance with jewelry that nobody else has. You can make a nice surprise for your loved ones with unique jewelery prepared by hand. You can even earn income by selling the jewelry you design.

Making jewelry is a very enjoyable occupation. You can bring together colorful materials such as beads, leather, ribbons, stamps, flowers and buttons to create a magnificent jewelry. The quality of the materials you use will determine the stance of your works as well as your taste.

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