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The Best materials For Those Who Love to Painting

A beautiful painting, can be watched for hours. The harmony of colors or composition attracts art lovers. If you don't just look at it and say “I want to paint too”, you are in the right place.

Big Guide has brought together the best materials for painting beginners or those interested in painting for a long time.

Canvas and paper are the most commonly used surfaces for painting. In addition, painting can be done on glass or fabric surfaces. Pencils, various paints, brushes, palette and spatulas are also among the most used products by painting professionals.

As in all branches of art, success in painting is possible with hard work. As you increase your practice, you can observe the improvement in your technique.

Which One is the Right Picture Material ?

The materials you will use will vary according to your understanding of painting. Some artists like to draw their work. Others like to make oil paintings. There are also artists who work with different techniques together. Some materials are often preferred because they are easy to use. Watercolor, for example, is an easy material to carry. By combining your brush with just water and, you can paint anywhere. However, while working with watercolor, you should also pay attention to the properties of the paper you will use. You should prefer a drawing book that absorbs paint and is produced in accordance with watercolors.

One of the most preferred paint types in schools is gouache paints. It can be used on all types of paper. Its price is also more affordable than many paints. Acrylic paints are one of the preferred paints due to their fast drying properties.

It is considered difficult to work with oil paints. The main reason for this is the longer labor time compared to other dyes. An average of three layers are studied. In each layer, it is necessary to wait for the paint to dry. There are also advantages to working with multiple layers. An error made in one layer can be corrected in the other layer. When working with oil paints, the environment should be ventilated frequently. 

Another material that is as important as paint in painting is the brush. There are different sizes and different shapes of brushes. The handle of the brush should be in harmony with your hand. Brush bristles are also selected according to the painting technique. There are brushes made of ox, goat and pony bristles as well as synthetic bristle brushes.

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