Solar Water Heater

10 Best Solar Water Heater Systems

Solar Water Heater

Fafco Solar Water Heater

Pool season is prominent among families with large backyards where they can set up their own swimming pool, and children love to swim. That is why a solar water heater is very useful in heating your pool water. Fafco Solar Water Heater has provided families the means to heat pool water with ease of usability in its heater control. Its manufacturing company has already established a branded name in terms of implementing pool water heaters since 1972, and it still is nowadays. The manufacture is also the leading, innovative company in the solar heating business and has been able to install over 125,000 solar systems in the United States. You can be assured of the quality and processes that the Fafco solar water heater can provide.

A default number of solar panels is included in the packaging, depending on the size of the solar water heater. The panels can be extended just by attaching to the current panels. Fafco solar heating device is tailored to be placed anywhere in the household, as long as sunlight is abundant. It can be installed on the roof to also accommodate heating water for the whole household, or on the ground near the swimming pool.

This heating device has an associated rack that can be tilted 10 to 30 degrees to the south. This is very convenient when you want to adjust the angle of the solar panel to receive and to collect more solar energy. The solar collector circulates and heats the water effectively. The package includes two six-feet hoses and four clamps to connect the Fafco solar heating device to the filtration system. For further information about the product and its components, an instructions manual is also provided.

The manufacturer advises consumers to position the solar water heater to unobstructed sunlight from 10 in the morning and four in the afternoon for an optimal heat conversion and heat supply.

Kokido Solar Heating System

Another leading in the solar business, Kokido solar water heater is considered to be truly convenient and handy in heating the pool water. It is specifically designed to be portable so that families who travel a lot and go places elsewhere, can bring the Kokido solar heater. It is not bulky because it is tailored compact and lightweight.

The design of Kokido solar heating system is a dome that is connected to an existing pump system. It is curled in connector tubes so that these tubes can be attached to the swimming pool. Kokido solar dome is also offered at a very reasonable price so that families can easily afford the heating device. It is cost-effective as well as effective in supplying heat source to the whole family. One Kokido dome heater can accommodate around 6,000 gallons of water, an ideal capacity for small ranged swimming pool. This means that if you have a medium-sized or a large-sized swimming pool, you still need to purchase more Kokido solar domes, which is a notable disadvantage for such an economical dome heater.

This heating device is installed on the ground near the swimming pool with collectors that let cold water in to be heated, and heated water is drawn back to the pool. Another disadvantage of this heating device is that it does not have its pumping system . Since it is geared to have easy portability, its features are very minimal. It may not be the best solar heating device in the market for pool water heaters, but it suits your travel needs. As long as there is abundant solar energy, Kokido solar heating dome may function well.

Sunchaser 20-Tube Solar Energy Solar Water Heater

The Sunchase 20-Tube is especially manufactured to be installed on a slanted roof or on flat roof, where solar energy is abundant during summers. Its dimensions of 63 inches by 78 inches can cover the whole roof, and can accommodate in supplying heat source for the water.

This heating device has been thoroughly tested over time, and it encompassed of durable materials and advanced design to cope up with the daily hot water needs of the whole family. It has insulated storage tank to prevent hot water from being cold, and to lessen the heat source to escape. Sunchase 20-Tube has evacuated tubes that are tailored to have heat-trapping properties that effectively enclose the collected solar energy inside the system. This brings relief to the consumer that the solar power is going to last for more hours. The heating tubes are shrouded in vacuum-sealed environment that reduces the escape of heat.

Sunchaser 20-Tube does not have a storage tank in its package, and storage tank is essential to place the hot and cold water together. Hot water rises in the tank, while cold water sinks at the bottom of the tank. Furthermore, it is considered to be a bit pricey due to its unique entrapment of solar energy inside the vacuum tubes.

If you are going to invest in Sunchase 20-Tube, be sure that you live in an area where sunlight is ample in almost a year. This heating device has the tendency to not function properly due to cold weather.

TK-SC6 Solar Water Heater

In order to experience a more efficient usability of solar water heating system, TK-SC6 solar water heater has the embedded innovation of a temperature regulation to provide you with controls over the temperature and other settings. Sometimes, having the capability to leverage heat control is better than leaving the solar water heating device with default heat settings. You may want warmer water for your bath, or a lukewarm pool water, that is why temperature control is beneficial for your use.

TK-SC6 solar water heater has a controller that can prevent the device from overheating or freezing. This controller is designed to regulate the temperature, and it can be set to adjust the preferences in the pumping system. Such feature can provide you with the management with the heating process of the solar heating device. It creates an interactivity between you and the machine by changing your preferred data.

It has a one-year warranty, which may not be quite desirable for most families, since most prefer three years of warranty or above. But the price of this TK-SC6 is very economical, yet still has the capacity to perform solar energy conversion. Its maximum pump over 600 watts, and it has three sensors — two are found at the top and bottom of the main storage tank, and one is for the solar collector. However, you may need to purchase a separate extension wire to make it on top of the roof. This packaging also includes an instructions manual that may provide you with more information about TK-SC6 solar heating device.

150 Liter Duda Solar Water Heater

For a complete solar water heater package, the 150 Liter Duda is packed with a heater control, storage tank, automatic air vent, thermostatic mixing valve, propylene glycol and submersible water pump.

The heater control is considered to be an innovation in providing you with maximum control of the 150 Liter Duda solar water heater. It lets you to change the settings in the pressure gauge, pressure relief valve, and circulation pump. This heater has an insulation cover to avert heat from escaping, thus maintaining the collected heat inside the system.

It has an automatic air vent that is utilized for an automated exhaustion of air from hot and cold water pipeline systems. The air vent hinders the accumulation of air in pipes that may stop water flow, and it also prevents water overflowing. The manufacturing company is generous enough to endow different warranties for most of the components, such as a 15-year warranty for evacuated tubes, and a five-year warranty for the stainless steel storage tank.

150 Liter Duda Solar Water Heater has been certified and thoroughly tested by the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation or SRCC, as it has fully passed the general standards and precautions suited for a solar water heater.

Rheem RS47-21BP Solar Water Heaters

The Rheem RS47-21BP solar water heater is a heavy-duty appliance that is engineered with a passive heating design that does not need a pump or a controller. It has a complete package of a solar collector, a storage tank, installation kit with an instructions manual, and a heat transfer fluid. Although, you need to purchase a separate flat roof mounting rack in order for the heater to be mounted on the roof. The rack is made adjustable so that you can adjust the angle suitable for collecting solar energy. The heater has a single wall heat exchanger that covers the entire storage tank, and it also has a closed loop design to prevent any scale buildup and uncontrolled water temperature. The propylene glycol is utilized at the right amount of dilution for added protection against freezing. Careful reading of the manual is very important so that you can be able to perform proper installation, stable operation and maintenance of the Rheem RS47-21BP.

The manufacturing company, Rheem, has established itself a place in the solar heating market, and it has been engineering quality products. The company has been able to receive an award in year 2009, the MVP Award for Innovation and Efficiency by the Builder’s Group. Consumers are guaranteed with the quality solar water heaters that Rheem provides because of its leadership in the market.

This heater is convenient and beneficial in terms of the features it has, and you do not need to purchase any required component for the water heating, all except for the mounting rack to position the water heater on top of the roof.

2-Panel Hybrid Solar Hot Water Heater

2-Panel Hybrid solar water heater is manufactured by Heliatos Solar Water Heating Systems, another leading manufacturing company in the solar heating industry. It is one of the best solar water heaters that consumers often buy due to its excellent preheating and heating capacity. It has an effective insulated storage tank to prevent heat from coming out.

It is installed with direct connection to the water supply, and it can be attached to existing pumping systems. Heliatos has utilized lightweight materials in the panel to keep the weight at a minimum  so that it can be mounted on the roof. It has two panels by default in providing warmth to your water supply. The panels are extensible, meaning you can attach more panels if your water supply is doubled. Additional panels may require you some extra cost. Each panel has a weight of 12 pounds, and are arranged in a 24” by 24” dimensions.

An instructions manual is guaranteed to be included in the package. Aqua Pex plastic tubing, copper tubing and Topsflo pump are among the components that are required to be attached to your 2-Panel Hybrid heating device.

200 Liter Passive Solar Water Heater

The 200 Liter Passive Solar Water Heater has an innovative Heat Pipe technology that purposefully utilizes heat pipes in transferring heat effectively. Heat pipes are the common components that most solar heaters use for thermal conductivity or the ability to transport heat in long distances.

The manufacturing company is generous in endowing consumers warranties on the various components of the 200 Liter Passive solar water heater such as a 15-year warranty for the tubes, and a five-year warranty for the storage tank. Only a few companies give out a plentiful amount of warranties that can cover specific components of the water heater. This is already a great deal for consumers, especially when the heater has become malfunctioned.

The 200 Liter passive solar heater encompasses an electric backup in case the collected solar energy supply runs out without warning. It also uses vacuum tubes with heat pipes for direct heating of the household’s water supply. The heating process is considered to be simple, yet effective as it efficiently converts solar energy and directly heats the water source.

AO Smith SUN-80 Solar Water Heater

The AO Smith SUN-80 is manufactured for residential use for its mid-range, flexible, and easy usability, and it is composed of a Permaglass lined steel to prevent corrosion. The manufacturing company has equipped this heating device with components that are environment-friendly like the Non-CFC Foam insulation. This insulation component prevents heat from escaping the storage tank and pipes. CFC is technically a gas that contributes to the depletion of the ozone layer.

AO Smith SUN-80 has the capacity to heat up 80 gallons of water, and other models like the SUN-120 can accommodate 119 gallons of water. It can be installed to either a closed or opened loop system by attaching an additional heat exchanger. The heat exchanger helps in the regulation of the water temperature, and in the protection against overheating and freezing.

Regular inspection of the heating device is required to make sure if the controls are in proper settings. AO Smith SUN-80 has DynaClean II system that hinders the accumulation of lime and scale buildup during the heating process. Sediments are also filtered away. The DynaClean II system is activated when your water supply is hard. It is best to have your water supply checked if it is hard or not. Purchasing this particular heating device and using it for your soft water supply are a bit of a waste in your investment because of the embedded DynaClean II system.

AO Smith SUN-80 has the features of both worlds — a solar water heater and a water softener. It is an ideal solar water heating device if your water supply is hard.

EZ-37 Solar Water Heater Panel

This solar water heating device is one of the cheapest heaters in the market because of its easy and simple installation. It has the main features of having a storage tank for the heated water, and a controller for further customization of regulating the temperature. Its individual components are labeled for a quick identification, and the manufacturing company has provided an instructions manual for further information about the heater.

It also supplies a preheating mode for the water supply. EZ-37 includes metal fillings on the left side of the panel for stable connection, and its storage tank has an insulation to keep the warm water from being cold. Its weight capacity is around 12 pounds, which is already lightweight for a typical solar water heater.

EZ-37 solar water heater does not have its own anti-freezing protection, which means, you need to purchase a separate freezing protection for this device in case of a very cold weather. This heating device is not designed to withstand freezing temperature. The tubes and some parts of the collectors do not need further maintenance.

Heliatos is also the manufacturing company that engineered EZ-37, which means, it is made from lightweight materials suitable enough for the placement on the rooftop. It is recommended to have the glazing part of the panel with water, little bit of detergent powder, and a soft cloth to have it cleaned.

Solar Water Heater

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