Rocker Recliners

What You Need To Know Before Buying Rocker Recliner Chairs

Rocker Recliners

What’s A Rocker Recliner Chair?

The name gives it all away. Rocker recliners are chairs that seamlessly merge the comfort and luxury of a recliner with the soothing movements of a rocking chair. Rocker recliner chairs enable you to curl up before the television and comfortably enjoy your favorite show or movie. However, the chances are that you won’t watch the program for much longer before you drift to sleep. All thanks to the remarkable ergonomic reclining capabilities and the soothing motions that these chairs come with.

But rocker recliners aren’t only ideal for those looking for extra comfort while catching up on their favorite television show. The elderly can use these chairs for sitting comfortably and avoiding those distressing muscle spasms. Moms can also leverage rocker recliners to rock a new baby to sleep.

But to enjoy all these benefits, you’ll need to exercise due diligence while shopping for your next rocker recliner chair. More on that later on, but first things first.

Mechanism of Operation

Most rocker recliners are designed with two reclining options, namely, power and manual. Power-operated rocker recliners feature a panel of at least two buttons that are built into the side of the armrest. It’s these buttons that control the chair’s reclining capabilities, from the back to the footrest, and the headrest.

On the other hand, manual-operated rocker incliners come with a pull-lever that’s built into the side of the chair. In most cases, you’ll find the pull-lever towards the bottom of the recliner, at a reasonably accessible distance. You lift or lower the recliner to your desired position by operating the lever.

For both the power-operated and manual-operated rocker recliners, the rocking mechanism is incorporated into the design of the chair. And unlike the reclining function, the rocking mechanism doesn’t require any special buttons or levers. All you have to do is sit on the chair, and the rocking feature automatically kicks in.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Rocker Recliner


When choosing your dream rocker incliner, the first thing that will probably strike you about the chair is how visually appealing it is. But most importantly, you should choose a rocker incliner that blends in with your décor.

To get it right, you might consider taking a photo of your living room and carrying it to the furniture showroom. That will help you know what colors of the rocker recliner match the overall ambiance of your living room.

You don’t want to bring home a piece of furniture that will clash with what you already have unless you’re willing to do a complete home makeover.


This is probably the main reason why you’re getting a rocker recliner in the first place. Therefore, you must pull all the stops to ensure that the chair you buy packs maximum comfort features. In most cases, merely reading the specs won’t help to paint a clearer picture of the expected comfort levels. So, if you can, take a test drive of each chair, checking for its comfort, and how easy it is to get onto and out of the chair.

If you’re satisfied with the recliner and rocking mechanisms of the chair, now sit down and stand up in quick successions. That will enable you to determine how the chair fits your body. It doesn’t need to fit too snugly; neither should there be a huge allowance that makes you swing precariously. While you’re at it, also examine the depth of the seats to establish whether your feet can reach the floor with your back still resting against the seatback.

In terms of footrest options, remember that rocker recliners come in either built-in footrest or a separate ottoman. A separate ottoman is ideal for those who’re shorter or taller than the average heights while the fixed footrest option will do just fine for people of average heights. As you check out the type of footrest option, also test the comfort level of the padding used in each unit.

Another aspect of comfort you must investigate before buying a rocker recliner is the accessibility of controls and handles. To ensure all are within reach, try them out at different reclining positions, while also experimenting with varying designs of armrests and neck rest.


Rocker recliners may be excellent at offering comfort to adults, but they could also pose health hazards for kids. The chairs may glide out of control and crash into objects within the house, injuring your little ones. Also, your children might hurt their hands on various components of the chair, especially those that are manually-operated by levers.

If you can, insist on child-proof models where the rocking components are reasonably hidden. Also, go for rocker recliners with a maximum of five inches from the chair to the footrest. That will prevent injuries if a child falls from the chair while the footrest is fully extended.

When buying most products, shoppers tend to shy away from the heavy and bulky commodities. But when it comes to rocker recliners, you’re better off with relatively heavier models. The convention is to settle for a chair with a capacity of around 250lbs, as this is excellent for overweight people within your family.

However, the ultimate safety measure is to invest in models that come with locking mechanisms that prevent automatic rocking when you wish to keep the chair stationary.

Maintenance Needs

Most rocker recliners don’t require regular maintenance. But for those intended for heavy use, always go for models that are constructed in reasonably durable materials, such as stainless steel and stain-resistant fabric. Microfiber is a recommended fabric as it’s remarkably easy to wipe clean.

If possible, buy rocker recliners with removable covers as that makes for ease of cleaning. But if only adults will use the chair, you can go with leather since you won’t be cleaning it every other day.

Warranty Information

The last thing you must check is the product warranty, and your best bet is to buy a rocker recliner that comes with at least ten years warranty. Thoroughly establish what the warranty covers.

And before paying for the chair, check with websites like Consumer Products Safety Commission to ensure the recliner is not subject to recall or has pending safety warnings.

If you’re like most people, you’re always looking forward to the time when you’d curl up in your living room watching your favorite TV channel, reading a novel, or otherwise unwinding. Getting a rocker recliner chair is the first step in achieving this kind of dream comfort.

Rocker Recliners

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