Ptz Cameras

PTZ Cameras: Why They Matter Today?

Ptz Cameras

Cameras are now becoming more of a necessity at homes, offices, business establishments as part of the surveillance system. We became more secured because of our CCTV and with the advent of technology, there are even better versions of camera surveillance system which has the capacity to capture movements and even wide angles.  This is what PTZ camera is all about.

Cameras are now evolving in terms of styles, specifications, and resolutions. From the name itself, the PTZ or pan tilt zoom camera can do a lot of movements. It can pan or move from left to right.  It can tilt or can move up and down.  It can also zoom in our out.  This means, PTZ cameras have the ability to view extensive areas.

You might be confused with the different types of surveillance cameras available today.  There are bullet and dome types but a PTZ camera is something unique.  Although it also looks like a dome-type, PTZ cameras have more capabilities because of its zoom control and remote directions such as pan and tilt.  With its intelligent features, PTZ cameras are now used for live production, distance learning, video conferencing and a lot more.

In choosing your PTZ Camera, there are the things to be considered:

Zoom Lens – These are the most vital specification that a PTZ camera should have. The zoom determines how far the camera can focus the object. To understand the capacity of the lens, we must identify the ratio of the narrowest focal length to the widest angle.  The smallest angle or its maximum zoom determines how far can a person see the object focused by the camera.  The wide angle or its minimum zoom determines how extensive the view is.  The bigger the lens, the farther we can reach the field of view.

Resolution – The resolution of a PTZ camera establishes the view.  The higher the resolution is, the more details we can see.  That means If we want a better and clearer view, we have to purchase an 8-megapixel camera rather than a 2-mexapixel camera.

Low-light Sensitivity - Low light areas can be a challenge especially if you want to cover scenarios at night.  There are now PTZ cameras with improved low light sensitivity due to its large image sensor.  With this, even at night your camera can capture the videos as clearly as possible.

Warranty – Aside from the specs of the camera, it is important to purchase those with longer warranty years.  This will assure you of the PTZ camera’s quality and reliability.  Make sure to compare the warranty years as well as the prices of your camera to get the best of what your money is worth.

Why You Need PTZ Cameras

If you are a type of person who prioritize security over anything else, then a PTZ camera is exactly what you need.  Here are the advantages of setting up a PTZ camera at your homes or business establishments:

1. Unlike a typical CCTV camera, a PTZ can provide lots of benefits because of its specifications such as its pan and tilt rotation capacity. Rotations can be done manually or automatically with high speed. With its ability to view large area, it will also limit you to buy more surveillance cameras thus costing you much lesser amount.  You may only need one PTZ camera at one room and it can already do a lot of functions.

2. Another advantage of a PTZ camera is its auto focus capacity.  Since this is bigger than traditional cameras, it has powerful zooms that can see more details of objects.  In case there are burglars attempting to get in the room, the PTZ camera can capture the face of that burglar in details.

3. PTZ cameras are designed to work 24/7 that is why it has built-in temperature control and covered with heavy-duty housing design to cool down even if it is used nonstop in a day.

4.  With its high speed capacity, this type of camera can track movements of people and even vehicles. Install this in areas where people just come and go so that you would detect firsthand who among them are suspicious-looking and has a bad intention to your properties.

5. Another benefit of PTZ camera is its alarm system.  If it detects unusual noise such as glass break, door banging, it immediately warns if there are suspicious movements around.  It can also detect motions so its tendency is to focus on a particular spot and zooms in to the movements.

6. PTZ cameras can be controlled digitally via cable, wireless system or the internet.  Even if you are in a different country, you can always monitor what’s happening in your home and you can even control the movement of the camera using your mobile phones.

7. This type of camera is very easy to set-up.  You can install it using the manual included in the package.  With its innovative user management, there is no need to sweat in putting up your own surveillance cameras.

If you are interested to have your own PTZ camera, you can readily purchase it in your nearest digital stores.  You can also shop online and choose the specifications that you need.  Make sure to purchase it in reliable online stores and don’t forget to ask for a warranty. You might be overwhelmed with a lot of types and specifications of a PTZ camera but if you exactly know what you need and what brand you think is reliable, then online stores may be the most accessible place to purchase your cameras.

The choice in surveillance camera also depends on how you will use it.  If you really need a PTZ camera, make sure to ask for experts’ advice so that you will have the best technology and effective security system suitable to what you really need.

Having security cameras give you peace of mind because it monitors your home and other important areas 24/7.  Even if you are away, you are assured that the PTZ camera can work wonders for you, that is why it really matters to install this surveillance camera now.

Ptz Cameras

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