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Last Updated May, 2021

What Is A Hoverboard And What Should You Know Before You Buy It ?

Do you still know the movie "Back to the Future II" from 1989, in which Michael J. Fox played the main character Marty McFly and with Dr. Brown traveled back in time to 2015? There the term hoverboard was mentioned for the first time, but there it was a self-floating skateboard, which is also the translation of the term hoverboard.

The future that was shown back then is now our past and there are still no flying boards to this day. But: a small modification of it, which uses wheels attached to the side and at least reminds of the film scenes from the driving experience. Today the term hoverboard is still misleadingly used for this self-balancing, moving e-board on small wheels.

What is a hoverboard?

The term is made up of hover, which means to float, and board. As a result, it would be translated as a floating board, which does not match the actual function 100%. But in the broadest sense, you literally float over the asphalt, because the hoverboard is often so quiet that you can hardly hear it unless it beeps due to a weak battery or too high a speed.

The hoverboard is a board with two side wheels and internal batteries. Depending on the type and brand, the hoverboards mainly differ in terms of wheel size and weight. There are hard rubber wheels and pneumatic tires and the size ranges from 4.5 inches for children to 10-inch wheels, which are often typical for outdoor and off-road boards.

The weight is usually between 22 and 28 pounds, depending on the type of e-board, but some smaller models weigh only around 17 pounds.

Such a self-balance board can go up to 9 mph, some isolated models even manage 12 mph.

What do I have to consider with the battery of a hoverboard?

There are now a large number of hoverboards on the market, but also some black sheep. For this reason, you should always make sure that there is a seal of approval such as CE, FCC, and RoHS and that the devices have quality batteries such as those from Samsung, Sanyo, or LG.

Also, pay attention to the charging time information in the operating instructions. The charging process usually only takes a maximum of 3 hours. For this reason, under no circumstances should you try to plug in the hoverboard overnight, as there is always a risk of overheating, even if this is not as critical with quality batteries as it is with cheap batteries.

How does a hoverboard work?

Hoverboards, which are also known by names such as "E-Board" or "Mini-Segways", are self-stabilizing, two-lane roller boards. Their ability to be steered without a handlebar and simply by shifting their own weight sets them apart from other means of transport such as bicycles. The control usually works through a built-in motion sensor called a gyroscope. So there are no difficult control commands necessary. It is located below the step and reacts to every shift in weight.

How Should Be The Best Hoverboard?

A blanket answer to the question how should be the best hoverboard, is not possible as it depends on the buyer's requirements for a hoverboard. For example, a music lover absolutely wants a built-in Bluetooth speaker, while another user wants an app function. For this reason, buyers must be clear about the requirements before purchasing the means of transport.

Is a hoverboard also suitable for children?

Yes. Important with a hoverboard for children: The minimum weight of usually 44 pounds should not be fallen below so that the control works. Another advantage: a step-less speed control as well as a "child mode", which makes the entry into the world of hoverboards much easier.

Please note the following points when purchasing a hoverboard:

  1. No cheap imports from abroad. They can be dangerous
  2. The lighter hoverboards are, the easier they are to transport. A hoverboard for children should weigh about 22 pounds. 
  3. In the interests of safety, pay attention to quality and suitable equipment
  4. If you want to buy a hoverboard online, you should pay attention to the shop and only order from reputable providers
  5. The hoverboard shouldn't be too fast. If children are traveling at 10 mph and more, this can end in danger. Some manufacturers limit the speed to 6 mph.

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