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Health & Household

Staying in good health is important. Eating nourishing food, making sports and sleeping regularly are the main ways to protect our health. We must be our own doctor. Some devices that we will have in our house also help protect our health. Thermometers, sphygmomanometers, glucose meters, air humidifiers especially for allergic bodies and many more…

There are also many products for our dental care such as electric toothbrushes, tooth showers. It is in our hands to protect our health. You can access the devices you need for this on our site.

Revive Your Living Space With Home Decoration Products

Big.Guide, which you can find the mostesthetic and pretentious parts in the home decoration area, brings the original designs of the elite brands with users who love to beautify his house.

The accessory from the decorative table, the artificial flower to the candle, the mirror from hundreds of biblo to the biblo to create beautiful home decoration products, stylish images in houses. You can prefer the varieties of decoration products for office, workplace and other interiors, you can enrich every area you are in visually as you wish.

Home accessories, which are complementary elements of home decoration, offers the most beautiful way to personalize your home. You can also re-design your home with great accessories, you can fully refresh the energy of your home. You can create great spaces in your home with parts that make you feel better.

Decorative tables: Bring your walls a stunning

Decorative table models are available as one-part or more than one piece. The tables prepared in different sizes are produced from different materials such as MDF, wood, metal, plastic. Multi-tables that make you create collage-type table assemblies on your walls are made up of the image sections or different image sections that complement each other. The table models you can use in all areas of your home are also frequently preferred as salon accessories. Living room decoration products can be used on all walls of houses and other interiors. The font is printed, illustrated, black - white, graffitili, pop-art, retro, vintage, which allows you to create different styles, are included in the figures. The tables, such as glass, canvas, paper, poliresis, polyester, ceramic, porcelain, are also available in a wide range of magnitudes and forms.

Your interiors are more aesthetic with table concepts

Tables between old cameras, cars, nature landscapes, winter landscapes, animals, city landscapes, close-up blooms, old and new maps, famous film scenes, actresses, actors, still life, portraits, abstract studies, such as different concepts are offered. You can also see different graphics, 3D and written table studies outside these. The tables you can use in all areas of your home are also available for bedroom decoration and other room decoration. To choose room decoration products, you can also review other types of home accessories. You can also use the tables you can evaluate between home decor ideas, to expand the area in small spaces. Small areas can make space look large using large tables. In very large areas, protect the perspective balance and provide a darker color and large-piece tables to ensure the integrity of the space.

You can also choose the table selections according to the wall colors of the interior of your home or table. Gray-pink, black-white, yellow - purple, orange - beige, coffee - yellow, such as colors, such as colors, walls and table colors are often preferred as colors. By studying the colors used in the tables, you can make your wall colors and furniture colors that are compatible with your colors. For example, if you have a gray-colored seat suit, you can choose the tables of colors such as black and white, you can buy the table you think will be most adapted to the gray color tone.

The dimensions of the areas you will use tables are among the important points. Before purchasing, you can take the dimensions of the area where you will get the size of the field where you can observe the table measurements in the product descriptions, whether it is adaptation problem. The tables you can use right on top of the kitchen tables also offer various decor elements such as vegetables and fruit still life and cook tables for the kitchen. For decorative kitchen desk models and prices, you can also browse the options on our website.

Beautify your home with decorative accessory products

Between decorative living room accessories; lamps, wall ornaments, table clocks, pots, wall clocks, storage chests, medallions, photo boards, crops, wall shelves, decorative paravins, book holders, table regulators, different types of ashtrays and flowerpots, small figurines and potted shaped busts A number of home decoration object varieties can be counted. There are also great-minute objects presented to sale as 2s or 3. The products are fully handmade to come across the highly original and quality options. From the objects, you can make the most prominent choices to the decoration of your home, you can make your venues look more beautiful.

Completely produced products from the tree, as well as wood carving and painting products as well as wind bells, decorative boxes, nostalgic appearing offers music boxes, wall boards, decorative pummages, led illuminated photo albums and more. Decorative accessories that allow you to make various choices according to your personal pleasures and interests are helpful to design your home in a different way.

Meet the elegance of artificial flower

Artificial flowers are available in the potted, in the basket, vase, single or multiple. Artificial roses, tulips, orchids, hyacinths, lilacs, daisies and all other flowers, can be evaluated to color your interior decoration layout. There are no variety of flowers among artificial flowers. From each other, beautiful tree, crees and seedlings are also waiting for their users with the most realistic views. The artificial flowers, which are shocked among them, is among the home ornaments that can be used without maintenance in indoors. If you want to place artificial flowers in your home, you can choose models designed in the flower pot, you can see different types of artificial lavender, bamboo tree, fuji tree, lemon tree, bonsai tree, as well as different types of products.

You can choose the flowers you wish to create stylish images in your home. With the artificial flowers in the flower pot, the basket or vase, you can create hot corners that look aesthetic in your home.

With artificial flowers, you can make a sweet spring air in your home; You can place the beauty of the flowers in your tables, desks and stands on your cupboard racks. If you want, you can also evaluate artificial flowers, garden, terrace, balcony decoration in open areas.

Among artificial trees, it is possible to come to the products that exceed 1 meter. The artificial flowers can also choose to give your loved ones, you can also protect nature with non-faded artificial flowers. Products that allow you to create a small botanical garden in your home, you can also be your biggest assistant to make small home decoration.

The use of too many accessories in small areas can make the area in a non-dysfunctional state. Can get help from artificial flowers to block this; By purchasing artificial flowers stretching vertically, you can make the area look longer and wide. You can also create only a few different floral accessories in the area, both more simple and remarkable and warm elegance. You can also place the flowers in all parts of your home as well as kitchen decoration selections.

Candlestick & Candle Holder: Create romantic environments

Candlestick and Candle Holder models include a fairly attentive prepared varieties for users who are meticulous about home decoration. Rustic, cage type, footed, lantern type, potted type, bottle type, candlestick type are available in various formats. Home ornaments are also preferred in the desks and stands, such as candies and candlesticks, a bathroom, dining table, desk, bedroom, an entree, such as balcony, terrace.

Candlems are available in beautiful bases of each other with a piece of accessories. Wooden, ceramics, porcelain, MDF, glass with various materials, such as glass, creating beautiful images in your home, when they are burning, they are able to take bad odors. In addition, in the candle holders, there are candles that make the great smells in the time they burn.

You can prefer your favorite scent varieties, if you wish, you can also buy the candles you will use in the products. You can use lavender, amber, lemon, orange, banana, berries, chocolate, roses, such as floral fragrances, candlesticks and candles, you can prevent bad odors in your current environment. Cigarette smell, you can also choose candies, bathroom decoration selections, which enable the removal of heavy odors such as food smell. Thus, you can have decorative accessories that appear both stylish and beautiful smells.

You can also evaluate candlesticks and candles for your special occasions. You can make your romantic evenings go through a great ambiance. You can try long, short, broad or narrow candle holder forms according to the concept of your home.

You can also evaluate the candles in different sizes, office, restaurants, cafes and all other interiors. Home decoration Candle holder models include the products offered on the set.

Mirror: Create wider fields

The mirror is among the objects used for both functional and decorative purposes. Designed in various forms such as oval, rectangular, square, triangles, the mirrors, footless, wall type, framed, frameless, dozens of different models. Mirrors in accordance with each interior, in different measure; The height mirror, facial mirror, makeup mirror, console mirror, stove mirror, shelabed mirror, hand mirror, sewn into varieties such as fragment mirror.

You can use the mirrors for decorative purposes, allowing you to get more detailed images with the LED light support. Large mirrors are among the most important elements that increase the area depth.

A large number of interior architects include mirrors in the design of small houses. In particular, the large diameter mirrors used in the wall length make it deeper and wide with the role of reflection. In this way, the pressure created by small areas is substantially resolved. If you also want to show small rooms, lounge and other interiors, you can evaluate home decoration mirror models, you can create modern home decoration formats, suitable for your own tastes.

Prepare different concepts with trinket and wall clock models
You can find trinkets and hours in all decorating styles. Modern, classic, traditional, loft, chester, English style or French-style choices can make. No matter what style or concept you have preferred, you can see the clocks and bables suitable for your own taste.

Ceramic, porcelain, silver, copper, metal, wrought iron, gold-looking, glass, poliresin, casting, polyester, wood, hard plastic materials such as material, hard plastic are among the most interested products in home decoration.

The biques that you can also use for young room decoration and ante decoration methods offer the most distinguished products for users who are impulitable in domestic decoration. With other household items you can choose in compatible with the trinkets you can make your home look great. You can also evaluate the bables, kitchen decoration products that you can also evaluate for table decoration.

Authentic concepts can also create biblo varieties, animal figure, human figure, flower figure, tree figure, abstract designs, fruits and vegetables such as bables, have many different models.

You can make choices with wooden decoration products to complete the wood decoration concepts that create an authentic air. The products you can use for wooden home decor are obtained from pure tree, you can evaluate along with trinket, candle holder and other wall decoration products.

The wall clocks are the most remarkable products between decorative items. In addition to the hours prepared with a variety of numbers, such as the Romanian figure, there are only time spaces indicated by dots and marks. There are many different versions of the clocks produced from materials such as glass, glassless, metal, plastic, mica, wood, wrought iron, cardboard, MDF, mirror. Impressive hours appealing to each decoration style can assume a stylish accessory task alone on your walls.

Glamorous walls with wallpaper and wall stickers

Wallpaper and Wall Stickers provide you with your household conversations. These products can reduce the cost of all interiors, eliminating the painting of your walls.

For the walls of your home, you can choose wallpapers in the color and image you want; You can easily hide the minor imperfections on the walls. You can use wallpapers on only one wall front of the rooms, create a different decorative effect.

You can also evaluate the wallpapers of beautiful, 3D, line character in children's rooms. Thus, you can also find solutions to wall pollution problems.

Deleting it possible to clean wallpapers, stone looking, brick-looking, flower potted, geometric pattern, floral pattern, line patterned, vibrant, pastel-colored, embossed, illustrated, fabric looking, marble looking, illustration, fabric-looking, marble looking, stained glass looking, stove embossed, very different format and includes types of patterns.

According to the decoration style of your home you can choose the home decoration wallpaper you wish, you can choose a different wallpaper in each place if you want. If you want you can create integrity by selecting the same wallpapers in all of your house. You can also select white embossed wallpapers in narrow spaces, make the areas look larger.

Apart from home decoration wallpaper products, you can review the stickers. You can use children's rooms, teen rooms and creative stickers in bedrooms.

For children's rooms, you can choose from the cute stickers that help the height meter stickers and sleep. These products provide stylish images on the walls, while the children make them feel more secure in their rooms.

Home accessories and prices in our site gives users the opportunity to make very special choices. Home decoration can be gifted among gift items to your loved ones, you can enjoy renewing your home.

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