Grocery & Gourmet Food

Grocery & Gourmet Food

Some are snacks. Some add flavor to our meals with their aromas. Magic flavors are found in kitchens.

Turkish Delight is different from other confectionery with its consistency, taste and aroma. It is an old Turkish dessert. The Turkish delight made from water, sugar and starch does not contain gelatin. This delicious dessert dating back to the 15th century was taken to Europe by an English traveler in the 18th century. Its name is derived from the words "relaxing the throat". Spread all over the world today, this dessert is a natural and healthy food source. There are many kinds such as pistachio, cream, rose, chocolate, drop gum. It is a delicious snack alone. It goes well with coffee.

C. S. Lewis featured Turkish delight in the first book of the Chronicles of Narnia series, “Aslan, Witch and Wardrobe”. The book and the film adapted from the book helped Turkish Delight become more known all over the world. If you have not tried so far, you should definitely taste this unique taste.

There are many sauces that add flavor to dishes, desserts and salads. Those who care about their mouth taste enrich their food with these sauces.

Are you one of those who enjoy creating new flavors in the kitchen? Do you like making dessert? In your desserts, you will enjoy the fragrance and aroma of vanilla. This spice, whose homeland is Mexico, is used in cakes and desserts all over the world.

Its unique aroma is revealed when the vanilla stick is divided into two. Vanilla is a friend of the digestive and nervous system. It has an aphrodisiac effect. It energizes, strengthens the immune system. As with any spice, it is important to use vanilla in the correct dose.

Herbal teas are both delicious and beneficial drinks. When we see the chamomile flower, we open up. Tea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis flower is also useful. It contains different types of antioxidants. It helps digestion. Relaxes. Improve sleep quality. It helps to lower blood sugar. It helps to increase immunity. It relieves depression. If you are not allergic to chamomile, you can easily consume your tea.

Olive is one of the oldest food sources of human beings. The oil of this unique flavor has also been used in food and cosmetics for hundreds of years. Olive oil contains oleic acid. It is both a taste and health store. It cleans the liver. It speeds up metabolism. It regulates blood pressure and facilitates digestion. It enhances the skin and hair. It reduces stress. Dishes and salads are more delicious and healthier with olive oil…

Avocados are also among the top among delicious and healthy foods. Its oil is just as useful as itself. It is removed from the fleshy portions of the avocado. It is delicious like olive oil. It is rich in oleic acid, known as heart friendly. It is beneficial for eye health. The fatty acids in it are beneficial for the skin. Avocado oil can be used wherever olive oil is used. You can put it on salads. You can add it to the mixture you will prepare to marinate the meat. It is also suitable for cooking as the fatty acids in it do not change at high temperatures. It can be put in cakes, cookies.

One of the first tastes that come to mind when it comes to Japanese cuisine is rice. Rice is the main nutrient of the Japanese. Skimmed rice pilaf is served at every meal, including breakfast. Rice is also used in making sushi. In short, a Japanese cuisine without rice is unthinkable. You can try these different flavors with Japanese rice.

One of the sweetest food products is jams. Organic jams are very popular especially in recent years. Organic jams are nutritious. It is prepared with fresh seasonal fruits. It is prepared with many fruits such as tangerine, orange, blackberry, cherry, apricot.

Bread crumbs are among the choices of those who cannot give up gourmet tastes. It is used in frying and meatballs. It is put in cakes and cupcakes. It is used to coat products such as meat, chicken, fish and vegetables.

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