“Fashion” has taken on different meanings over the years. In recent years, fashion has been defined as “wearing one that suits herself”. 
Skirts, pants, blouses, shirts, t-shirts, shorts, coats, scarves, hats, shoes, bags, accessories… There are many elements that complement a woman's clothing. As the list goes on and on, it becomes difficult to choose among many products.
Fashion also defines “timeless” clothes that challenge the years. Sometimes the clothes and accessories that remain from our elders are back in fashion. As we complete our elegance with these relics, we also offer our love and gratitude to our elders.
Sometimes we see at first glance that the clothes that amaze us are in fashion. The clothes and accessories that we call “never use” start to look beautiful to our eyes over time. Then in time, it took its place in our closet.

And there are clothes that never go out of fashion. Like a shirt, a pencil skirt, a black dress, a stiletto. It suits everyone. It can be worn in any environment. It is always savior. It is the type of clothing that many fashion writers say "must have in your wardrobe."
When choosing clothes, the most correct thing is to make choices suitable for body type. For this, one must know the body type well. With some small details, it is possible to make it appear tall and thin. You can also hide parts of your body that you do not want to attract attention with small tips. For this, you must first know your body well and learn the little fashion secrets.
For example, below knee skirts make legs more shapely. You can complete your elegance with a high-heeled shoe that you will wear under it.
Straight-cut tubular trousers make your legs look long. You can combine these pants with babettes.

A thick belt is an accessory that complements the outfit as well as making the waist look thin
One of the remarkable outfits of each period is overalls. The wearer appears as a long silhouette. You can look taller than you are by choosing a jumpsuit long enough to cover your heels.
Not only your clothes, but the accessories you complete them will also help you look beautiful. For example, watches with large dials make your wrists look thinner.

Big accessories are your biggest help in making your body small. When you use a large bag, your size will look small.
If you want to hide your hips, you can get help from jackets. A flowy blazer jacket will be your biggest helper in this regard. You can get a more dynamic look by bending your arms.
Are you one of those who prefer a dress? Pay attention to the cut of the dress you choose.  Asymmetrical cut dresses also create an illusion and make you look thinner than you are. When such dresses are completed with plain color accessories, your elegance increases.
In recent years, high waisted trousers have entered our lives again. Nor was it good. High waist makes the body slimmer. It complements elegance with its nostalgic look.

Short jackets ending at the waist are among the saviors of especially petite women. 
Colors increase the elegance as well as the cut of the clothes. Black is always a savior color. It can be worn on the go to many places. It harmonizes with every color. Moreover, it provides a slim appearance.  What if it was a color that looks thinner than black. Actually there is. Many fashion authorities agree that the dark blue color appears weaker. Other colors that make the body thin are green, purple and blue, which are described as cold colors.
Longitudinal striped clothes are among the main preferences of those who want to look thin. V-neck cut blouses and dresses also give a slim look to the waist.

Heeled shoes are one of the biggest passions of women. Heeled shoes do not show your height long, but also provide a slim look. Especially with stiletto ...

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