The fashion world has been leading women for a long time. But the situation has changed in recent years. Now, men's fashion has become very popular. Moreover, men don't just follow fashion, they reveal their own styles.

Men who adopt the clothing style that suits them look glamorous with stylish combinations. Men can show their style even with a jacket worn over jeans or a stylish watch that complements a shirt. This is the first suggestion of fashion designers to men. “Set your style at the beginning”.

Until recently, even colors were stereotyped. There were certain colors that men preferred. But now men's fashion is also colorful and patterned. Despite this, blue tones are still the savior for many men. But here too, shades of blue come into play.

Some men prefer classic, some men choose sportswear. Regardless of their style, a dominant color choice stands out in their clothing. In recent years, simple but high quality clothes have attracted great attention in men's fashion. Accessories stand out. Socks, belts, glasses, scarves and of course watches ...

For example, in men's clothing, socks are not just a piece of clothing that covers the feet. The size is important. Booties worn inside sneakers are saviors. But if we are talking about a classic clothing, the size of the socks should be chosen so that the flesh does not show when the legs are crossed.

Cardigans are also among the products that have rapidly taken their place in men's fashion in recent years. Fine-lined, contrast-colored knitwear is often seen. These cardigans take the place of sweatshirts in many men's wardrobes.

There are also must-haves in wardrobes. Black fabric pants are always a savior. So is the navy blue blazer… A plain white shirt is among the must have in every wardrobe. And again a plain blue shirt.

Basic T-shirts can be combined with both plain and many clothes. A black or white plain t-shirt can turn into a stylish outfit with a pair of jeans. If it is also completed with a belt. The belt is one of the most important accessories for men. An element that complements the outfit. An elegant belt suitable for any color should also be found in every wardrobe.

Just like the clothes, men's shoes were limited to certain colors. Now they are available in many colors. It is possible to choose shoes in many colors in different styles.

Not to forget the sunglasses. A pair of high-quality and compatible glasses increases elegance.

Although many items we need now fit into our mobile phones, bags have a place in men's fashion. Business people complete their elegance with briefcases. But for men, bag options are not limited to briefcases. There are different styles of bags for men, from backpacks to portfolios.

Scarves are another product that has gained an important place in men's fashion in recent years. Men don't just use this product to protect their necks from the cold in winter. With a wide range of colors, scarves enliven the outfit. It increases elegance.

Watches… It is not possible to talk about men's fashion and not to mention the watch. It is also sufficient to look at the cell phone to see what time it is. But a watch doesn't just show the time. It is complementary to the elegance of the man with its style and appearance. Watches are among the most important accessories of men. It gives the impression that a stylish watch owner is punctual. But that's not just his mission. A suit or a basic t-shirt… No matter what style you are dressed in, your watch will complete your outfit.

Speaking of accessories… Leather bracelets, chains, earrings, cufflinks, ties… are some of the pieces that determine the style of men.

Printed T-shirts, sweatshirts, hooded coats and leather jackets will also be the clothes that will always exist in the men's world.

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