Cantilever Umbrellas

Cantilever Umbrellas Buying Guide: Benefits + Key Considerations

Cantilever Umbrellas

Cantilever umbrellas offer seamless views, maximum shade, and smooth adjustment for outdoor spaces, comprising a fundamental element of your outdoor décor. They come in a wide range of sizes, styles, shapes, and structures. Investing in a quality outdoor umbrella will ensure that you spend your evenings enjoying conversations with family instead of chasing umbrellas across the yard.

In this buying guide, we assist you in getting to know everything you might need to help make the best Cantilever umbrella purchase.

Why go for Cantilever Umbrellas?

Here are the three main benefits that Cantilever umbrellas bring:


Cantilever umbrellas are arguably the most convenient of a wide range of versatile shade arrangements. They are effortless to manoeuvre around and can easily be packed and stored away throughout the cold weather months.

360° sun protection

Unlike regular umbrellas that can only provide shade from a fixed angle, cantilever umbrellas offer 360° protection from the sun because they feature an adaptive telescopic arm that can be swung horizontally or slanted on specific models

With a cantilever umbrella, you can conveniently change the shade angle with the sun's rotational changes.

Availability of a wide range of shapes and sizes

Regardless of your shade requirements, whether it's a poolside deck or a small portion of your garden, cantilever umbrella's are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes that best suit your needs.

Factors to consider before buying Cantilever Umbrellas

     1. Size of the Cantilever umbrella

The size of your Umbrella relies upon a few variables. How much space do you require? What's your financial plan? What amount of space do you have? These are things that must go into consideration before buying an open-air umbrella. Picking an oversized umbrella a larger than usual Umbrella runs the risk of throwing off your outdoor arrangement's entire outlook.

     2. The pole height and diameter

Your Cantilever umbrella's pole diameter is an important measurement to check because it's essential to the Umbrella's stability. For maximum umbrella stability, you need its pole diameter and base diameter to be as close as is possible whilst ensuring that it fits simultaneously.

Pro Tip: If you can purchase your Umbrella in person, doing as such is recommended. Having the option to select an umbrella that is the ideal fit for your patio while also finding a suitable base will make your life a lot simpler over the long haul.

The Umbrella's height is another deciding factor since you need sufficient leeway to accommodate taller who otherwise would need to lower down under the Umbrella. By and large, it should be no less than 7 feet tall. Similarly, it can't be high to the point that the shade is covering your plants rather than you! You can likewise search for Cantilever umbrellas with tilting and cantilever functions to adjust where the shade lands.

     3. Canopy Fabric

Picking your canopy material is quite possibly one of the most important decisions you have when purchasing a Cantilever umbrella. Ultimately, it's what shields you from the sun. Canopies come in various materials, each having its unique attributes, benefits, drawbacks and cost contemplations. A few fabrics are covered with PVC or styrene-acrylic to increase weather resistance, while others are not.

Some examples of the materials used for canopies you can choose from include:

Acrylic – Sunbrella – Regarded as the premium standard of residential and commercial grade textiles for outdoor settings.

Polyester – Pacifica – Can hold colour up to four times higher duration than the traditional polyester.

Olefin – Texsilk – An environment-friendly outdoor material that ensures UV protection of the highest standard.

Polyethene – Coolaroo – Can withstand extreme weather conditions.

    4. Ventilation

Umbrella ventilation usually depends on the environment of the area where you reside. You will find single ventilation umbrellas to be the norm for most of the options you consider. Double ventilation works best for those living in an especially breezy or hot region because it allows for higher heat dispersal and can handle wind better than a single ventilation umbrella.

    5. Climate Conditions

Windy regions

Areas that experience high wind conditions require you to contemplate a few things. Wind gusts can break canopy ribs or end up snapping poles. If you live in such an area, here are a few points to consider:

  • Keep your Umbrella closed when not in use.
  • Buy a Cantilever umbrella with adaptable, replaceable canopy ribs, a diameter pole that's big enough, and a heavier base.
  • Keep your Umbrella shut when not using it.

Area Proximity to the Ocean 

If you live close to the sea, consider a Cantilever umbrella that comes with an aluminium pole that won't rust or disintegrate from the air humidity.

    6. Protective Cover

A weather-proof cover comprises an essential accessory for any outdoor umbrella, whether or not it's a Cantilever one, given how it's critical to extending the life of your Umbrella. Your shade has to withstand the intense summer heat during the hottest days or months, hence the need to protect a cover. Although most covers comprise durable canvas fabrics, buyers may also find hard shell versions.

Final Thoughts

Cantilever umbrellas are one of the most alluring outdoor umbrellas available out there. They don't just offer a sleek design but a range of custom designs. Adding one to your home or business can significantly enhance its aesthetic appeal. However, it's essential to consider the key factors you need to look for and how a Cantilever umbrella can benefit you before making the purchase decision.