BOB Gear Strollers

Bob Revolution Strollers : A Jogger For Everyday Use

BOB Gear Strollers

The BOB jogging stroller is one of the consumers’ top choices for a jogger stroller that is not only suitable for outdoor activities like jogging, but also for a regular city strolls. It offers an adventurous, comfortable ride for the baby and a flexible maneuverability for the parents. The stroller usually ranges from $350 to $450, depending on discount rates, because of its high-quality, sporty performance and functionalities, durable fabric and aluminum frame, strong suspension, easy navigation, and safety measures.

This stroller is geared with a padded five-point harness and heavy-duty buckle that keeps the baby intact onto the stroller. The fastening mechanism is quick and the single foot brake is very responsive enough to be operated during sudden halts. It offers two easy steps for the folding mechanism, and it has a lightweight frame for faster transport. It has an adjustable suspension that is suitable for a smooth ride. It has a canopy tailored to protect the baby from rain and too much exposure from the sun. Ventilation is also present on the canopy to allow circulation of fresh air. Its pneumatic wheels are air-filled which are good at absorbing shocks.

It has a five-year warranty for its frame, and a one-year warranty for its fabric and other included parts and accessories. It has no parent and child trays, no small mesh pockets, but it has a peek-a-boo window made from vinyl. A separate accessory, adapter, can be purchased to be attached on the BOB stroller to allow easy attachment of an infant car seat or a child tray. Its cargo space is very spacious. Its handlebar is padded for comfortable maneuvering.

BOB jogging is superb with its functionalities at a reasonable price, making it affordable to most parents who want to invest in a life-long stroller. Any parent can stroll in style using this BOB jogging stroller.

BOB Gear Strollers

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