Med Scooters

The most important feature of mobility scooters is that they are easy to use. Since it can be three or four wheeled, it can be preferred according to the usage model. Buying an electric bike can be a bit more difficult than buying a motorcycle or a car. Because when we look at the number of people using these bicycles, it varies according to cities. Generally speaking, these bicycles are used in flat roads and cities. Based on the comments of Scooter users, we wanted to clarify the issues that were interested in in this article.

First, let's find the answer to the question in mind that will purchase cheap mobility scooter: Does it make sense to buy ?

Does it make sense to buy Mobility Scooters?

As we mentioned at the introduction, you have to choose according to the reason of use, the city you are in and the weight you want to carry. Because when we look at the models, they can also differ among themselves. If a Mobility Scooter is fully loaded, it can drive approximately 28–35 miles. So if you prefer this for business purposes, you should calculate your distance to and from work. Cheap Mobility Scooters are particularly capable of responding directly to the daily needs of people with disabilities. We can say that it makes sense to purchase it.

How does the battery charge reflect on the electricity bill?

In fact, this is the confusing question. So people think that these bikes will cost a lot of electricity. Whereas the Mobility Scooter consumes very little electricity. So once you fill a battery will reflect on your bill the average price will be 0.75 cents. When you evaluate this monthly, you can reach USD 22.5  per month.

Mobility Scooter prices average how much?

There are also second hands on the market. However, since there is no guarantee in the second hand and the price does not change much. Accordingly, the price of the bike you want to buy starting from USD 1,500  up to USD 3000. 

Is the battery easily stolen?

One of the most important problems in these vehicles is the theft of batteries. There is a system that locks the battery inside and theft is eliminated.

What is the average life of the batteries?

It would make more sense to calculate miles instead of giving average days in batteries. Depending on the use, you can evaluate the life of a battery as 3700 km or 300 charges. When we look at the price of the battery can be called a very advantageous transportation means compared to the lifetime.

How many hours does the battery charge?

Mobility Scooters have a charge time of 6 to 8 hours. You can recharge the battery when you don’t use your scooter. Those who ride these scooters usually charge in the evening hours, so they'll have their scooters charged when they're asleep at night and ready for daytime use.

Does it require a driver's license?

In the past, electric bikes were not required for driving license. However, as a result of the new changes made today, electric bicycle users are also required to have M class driving license. This inevitably requires that you have a driver's license.

M driving license age?

The age limit is 16, not 18 as in other driving licenses.

Is registration and license plate mandatory?

After the regulation in 2016, it was decided that each vehicle moving on the road should have a license and license plate. Accordingly, there is a license for scooters.

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