Kokido Solar Heating System Reviews

Another leading in the solar business, Kokido solar water heater is considered to be truly convenient and handy in heating the pool water. It is specifically designed to be portable so that families who travel a lot and go places elsewhere, can bring the Kokido solar heater. It is not bulky because it is tailored compact and lightweight.


The design of Kokido solar heating system is a dome that is connected to an existing pump system. It is curled in connector tubes so that these tubes can be attached to the swimming pool. Kokido solar dome is also offered at a very reasonable price so that families can easily afford the heating device. It is cost-effective as well as effective in supplying heat source to the whole family. One Kokido dome heater can accommodate around 6,000 gallons of water, an ideal capacity for small ranged swimming pool. This means that if you have a medium-sized or a large-sized swimming pool, you still need to purchase more Kokido solar domes, which is a notable disadvantage for such an economical dome heater.


This heating device is installed on the ground near the swimming pool with collectors that let cold water in to be heated, and heated water is drawn back to the pool. Another disadvantage of this heating device is that it does not have its pumping system . Since it is geared to have easy portability, its features are very minimal. It may not be the best solar heating device in the market for pool water heaters, but it suits your travel needs. As long as there is abundant solar energy, Kokido solar heating dome may function well.

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