Battery Operated Mosquito Killers

Mosquito Killers : A Brief Information

Battery Operated Mosquito Killers

What is Electric Fly Killer?

Electric fly killer is used for flying animals such as flies, moths and wasps. Flying insects that can carry bacteria and dirt can come into contact with food. It is necessary to take early precautions because they are creatures that can reproduce quickly. Mosquitoes are more common especially where flowers and plants are concentrated. The mosquito and insecticidal racket is a must in the summer months. There are many ways to get rid of mosquitoes and insects. Using a spray or tablet is one of the methods that can be used to kill flies. Flies are common, especially where there is food.

However, flies can carry harmful bacteria with food and cause food poisoning. It can also carry many diseases known as contagious. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of flying insects such as mosquitoes and houseflies in places such as markets, greengrocers and also in our living areas such as homes and offices. There are some protective measures against flies that are harmful to health because they carry microbes. Applying chemicals can be effective against flies, but can also harm human health.

For this, electric fly killers, which do not harm human health but are also effective against flies, have been made. Electric fly killers are produced in different Watts, and light fly killers are produced for the same purpose in racket-shaped electric fly killers, but they have different features. After examining and comparing the products, you can examine the affordable electric fly killer models that appeal to every budget produced by different brands. These devices, which you can find in many varieties, attract flies and kill them with electricity. There are some protective methods that can be applied against flies carrying microbes that are harmful to human health. Using chemical methods is effective when it comes to getting rid of flies, but they also have harm to human health. These fly killing methods are not preferred because they threaten human health. Electric fly killers are used instead of chemical fly killers, which do not adversely affect human health but can be effective on flies.

How Does an Electric Fly Killer Work?

Electric fly killers do 2 different methods of killing flies. Almost all electric fly killers have UV lamps that emit ultraviolet light and attract flies. Electric fly protector, which can have 2 different diameters, 25 and 38 mm, is also sold in U type models. Electric fly killers are older than models called electronic fly killers. These devices work with a system in which the flies coming to the light emitting lamp hit the high voltage wires and die. It has a negative effect on people because of the smell and sound that emerges. Electric fly killers are mostly used in outdoor areas and warehouses of restaurants. Electric purple light fly killer is a new generation fly killer. It has been made mandatory to use these devices in places where food production is made.

In these devices, it is ensured that the fly is attracted with the help of light and adheres to the adhesive tape plate. The adhesive plate can be used for 2 months. This period may vary depending on the fly population and the amount of dust in the environment. The effectiveness of the boards depends on the quality of the material that allows the flies to adhere. If the adhesive material is of poor quality, the substance dries in a short time and is not effective. In other words, it can be said that the performance in purple light-emitting fly killers depends primarily on the adhesive sheet and then on the distance at which the emitted UV lamp is effective. These electric fly killers, which are common in butchers and markets, attract the attention of flies with the light they emit and attract flies to them. Flies are killed by means of glue or high-tension wire.

Devices that give purple light should be changed every 6 months. Because at the end of 6 months, light loses its ability to attract flies. Electric fly killers are used to get rid of plane insects such as flies in our living spaces such as homes and offices. When we look at the working system of electric fly killers, we see that they work with a system consisting of lamps emitting ultraviolet light and a high voltage network. The current coming from the phase causes the UV lamps to burn. With the current coming through the phase, UV light is created through the fuse with the help of ballast. There is a conductive network that surrounds the outside of the UV lamps. The high electricity network around this network is fed by the high voltage transformer. The flies that are attracted to UV lights die due to the high voltage when they reach the device.

Types of Electric Fly Killers

There are some protective methods that can be applied against flies carrying microbes that are harmful to human health. Using chemical methods is effective in getting rid of flies, but they are also harmful to human health. Electric fly killers are used, which do not adversely affect human health but may be effective on flies. Electric fly killers do this in 2 different ways. The vast majority of electric fly killers have UV lamps. These UV lamps emit ultraviolet light and attract flies. Purple light lamps with a lifetime of 6 months need to be changed every 6 months.

Electric fly killer, which can have 2 different diameters, 25 mm and 38 mm, is also sold as a U type. Electric fly killers are hygienic products that can kill flies without using chemicals. Thanks to the UV light they emit, it attracts flies. Since some fly killers emit blue light, they are also used as lamps in the dark. The coating of the products is very stylish and durable. Therefore, it can be used in many places such as butchers, homes, markets. The electronic fly killer racket is moved as if hitting the pest or flying fly with a tennis ball.

Products can be charged. It is suitable for recharging and reuse. It offers a drug-free solution indoors. Electric fly killers do not emit odors like sprays. Rackets are suitable for use with both sides. Rackets are lethal to insects, but the racket is not harmful to humans. High voltage weak current will not harm people. Both electric fly killers that give purple light and racket fly killers emit ultraviolet light that does not harm people. It does not harm human health like chemical killers.

Maintenance of Fly Killers

Electric fly killers are special equipment devices. Therefore, it should be preferred that maintenance is done by a pest control technician. Since the effectiveness of purple light lamps deteriorates in a short time, they should be changed at least 2 times a year. It should be aimed to be changed in the spring. Dirt dust and insect debris will block the ultraviolet light and reduce the effectiveness of the device. Therefore, it should be cleaned regularly. Depending on the connection of the cable, cleaning should be done by unplugging the device or by turning off the fuse if the device is mounted on the wall.

Using an electric fly killer is a non-chemical hygienic solution to eradicate mosquitoes. They use harmless UV light to attract flies. Some fly killer models can also be used as night lights thanks to the purple light they emit. Since the products have a stylish and durable coating, they are suitable for use in closed places such as home, butcher, hospital, market. Easily cleaned products have a long life. Chemical-free products do not harm the environment.

Where to Install Electric Fly Killer?

Electric fly killers can be used both outdoors and indoors. Electric fly killers that emit purple light, which are operated by plugging in, kill the flies by emitting ultraviolet light. Since it loses its effect in a short time, it is necessary to change it frequently in the socket. Electric fly killers that emit purple light, which are replaced after 6 months, attract their flies with ultraviolet light. Like fly killers that emit purple light, electric fly killers attract flies by emitting ultraviolet light and destroy them without spreading chemicals. Rechargeable electric mosquito repellent rackets can be easily charged by plugging the adapter into the socket if needed. While charging by plugging in, the low grid and the switch should not be touched. An electric mosquito adapter kills mosquitoes by emitting light. The product should not be kept in the socket continuously. If it does not need to be used, it should be unplugged.

You can get rid of the flies by hitting the high-voltage residence thanks to the LED bulb inside the device. Another product that works by taking electricity from the socket is the insect repellent lamp that can be used as an illuminated night lamp. These are used as night lights. Products in colors such as green, purple and blue are produced. Electric Fly killers with adhesive plates, which are installed approximately 2.5 meters above the ground, can be easily used in hotels, markets, restaurants. The adhesive plate inside the device keeps the flies attracted by the blue light. Plates can be used up to 30 days. It is necessary to change the plate after 30 days.

Lamps that emit purple light can be used for 6 months. The lamp needs to be changed after 6 months. Electric fly killers can also be mounted on the ceiling. The ceiling-mounted ceiling-suspended electric fly killer receives the light from the city electricity. This product, which is suspended from the pan and is effective in repelling house flies, is also decorative products with stylish designs. They can also be used outdoors. Electric fly killers that can run out of charge can also be recharged by plugging in. When electric fly killers are plugged in, it is important to first place the unit in the outlet correctly to ensure that the layout is working. Electric fly killers have things to remember to get the best results and to preserve food.

Battery Operated Mosquito Killers

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