Whirlpool Water Softeners

Protect Your Appliances From Hard-water With Whirlpool Water Softeners

Whirlpool Water Softeners

We all know that water softeners are becoming one of the most essential home appliances today. With its benefits to our daily chores and health, having water softening system can be a necessity rather than a luxury. But not all water softeners have the best features you need at home. Some may not satisfy your needs and others might be too expensive to purchase.

When you talk about efficiency, state of the art features, and reasonable price, then Whirlpool water softeners can be your household friend.

There are a lot of Whirlpool water softener products but one of the best buys is the 33,000 grain water softener. It is good for family with 2-4 members. With its single-tank design, it is easier to install and does not consume too much space. It measures 19 inches deep, 18 inches wide, and 43 5/16 inches tall. Here are its additional features:

  • It regenerates only when needed and uses less salt and water which results to less water and salt consumption.
  • It does not use a fix amount of salt, rather it automatically calculates the salt usage depending on its use. 
  • It can remove 105 gpg water hardness and iron removal up to 9ppm.
  • It has a unique indicator which warns you that salt is needed to be refilled and that there are potential leaks in the plumbing.
  • It can use minimal pressure and can deliver great water flow to your appliances.
  • It is easy to install and comes with a complete DIY installation kit.
  • It has a warranty of 10 years for the tank, 3 years on electronics, and 1 year for parts and labor and may be extended for 5 years if Whirlpool Softener Cleanser will be used.

Although Whirpool water softeners may have its best features, some clients also discovered some drawbacks about this product. Here are some of the unfavourable reviews:

  • Although all the parts are working, the rotary disc failed to do its part.  It is badly designed and  not durable. 
  • The operation manual is confusing and not user-friendly.
  • There is a strong plastic smell and bad water taste from its resin beads.
  • The salt storage tank is not durable.  After an hour of filling the tank, there was already a small leak at the bottom.

Whirlpool water softener may have its share of setbacks, but other clients were also satisfied with its performance.

Some satisfied users said the product is quiet when recharging and salt usage is minimal. The technical support is also ready to assist customers if they need to know more of the softener. And the price is worth the value of the product. 

With its mix of pros and cons, the decision lies to the possible users of water softeners.  It is important to note that there is no perfect product in the market.  All it needs is to understand the features and design, follow the installation procedure correctly, and use the product with care. 

Whirlpool Water Softeners

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