UTV Speakers

UTV Speakers: A Classic Accessory For Your Vehicle To Provide Spectacular Sounds

UTV Speakers

Imagine farming or hauling heavy cargo using your Side by Side Vehicle (also called UTVs) alone and in silence. You would probably get exhausted, bored or demotivated in about an hour.

Ever tried taking a road trip or driving with your family for camping or vacation and all you’ve got is each other and the vehicle engine noise? It was probably the longest journey ever!

Perhaps you purchased a UTV because you are an adventurous motorsports fan and you now need to customize or enhance its performance.

Music playing on high quality UTV speakers is a great start! Most UTVs are not accessorized with audio sound systems by their manufacturers, but they can be installed for you.

Good audio systems are a key component of luxury and enhanced performance. Music makes your travelling experience fun, exciting and memorable. It makes tedious work more bearable and less stressful. It also just simply distracts you from the engine noise of your vehicle.


Useful Tips on Purchasing UTV Speakers

Purchasing UTV speakers is highly dependent on a buyer’s budget. The sound quality of a speaker depends on the quality of speaker itself, which as a matter of fact, best quality speakers aren’t cheap but there are affordable options for everyone. Question is, how much are you prepared to spend?

You need to consider purchasing a UTV speaker that occupies the least space in your vehicle, so it doesn’t make your sitting posture uncomfortable. Probably because it doesn’t leave enough legroom. A small and portable speaker could be ideal if the vehicle has limited space.

Compatibility of the speaker with your vehicle is also important. Will the UTV speaker you are purchasing be exposed to mud, excessive heat, rain or dust? Speakers with special all weather features that protect them from risks of destruction are the best.

There are also Bluetooth enabled UTV speakers that make it possible to play music directly from your phone. Some also have radio receiving capabilities and amplifiers that add the extra ‘boom’ to the music, overpowering all surrounding noises including the noise of your vehicle’s engine.

In a nutshell, here are some important features to look out for when purchasing:

  • The speaker’s amplifier and its capabilities
  • Bluetooth options and auxiliary inputs
  • Sizes of the speaker
  • All weather protection features for durability such as voice coils, water proof speakers, splash proof speakers among others.
  • Speaker Lights that make your vehicle colourful
  • Adjustable speakers
  • Portability
  • Power saving capability
  • Output power
  • Sound Clarity
  • Universal Mounting and Installation
  • Warranty

Though some speakers provide both ATV and UTV features, you need to ensure that the speaker you purchase has features that are tailor made for your UTV.

Some of the best brands of UTV Speakers in the world include NOAM, Pyle, Rockville, Bushwhacker, GoHawk, JBL, Wet Sounds, Infinity Kappa and Boss Audio.

After purchasing your preferred UTV speaker, it would be best if you had it installed by a professional to guarantee proper installation and safe functionality.

Make your trails enjoyable by adding some quality tunes!

UTV Speakers

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