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Last Updated October, 2020

Haze Machines: Why They Are the Ideal Equipment for an Enhanced Entertainment Experience?

Anyone in the entertainment sector can agree that haze machines are a game changer. Also known as hazers, they create subtle light beams through production of non-conspicuous homogenous clouds.

Haze machines transform a stage or event venue into a beautiful, mute atmosphere with a thrilling ambiance for an audience. The lighting effects are a mood setter.

Why purchase a haze machine and not a fog machine?

Though fog machines can equally produce smoke in party venues or during musical and theatrical performances, haze machines are preferred for the following reasons:

Smoke alarms

The thick foggy clouds created by a fog machine often trigger smoke alarms which disrupt a show or event. Fire alarms are set off and in most cases, people are expected to evacuate a room. For haze machines, the clouds are so subtle, they hardly trigger any alarms

A black haze machine

Less intrusive

Fog machines also tend to produce smoke that can choke an audience or triggers reactions for people with conditions such as asthma. This can not only pose health risks to your audience, it can potentially disrupt an event immensely. Imagine a crowd of people in a small room coughing and trying to exit to a better environment. Its chaotic. That’s why a haze machine is preferred. It does the trick without causing a scene or posing a health risk.

Disperses quickly

Unlike fog machines which use heat to vaporize fluid, most haze machines have a compression chamber that produces light beams without using heat. The haze disperses quickly and lasts longer in a room. Haze machines also have low or almost no warm up time.

Factors to consider when purchasing a haze machine that best suits your needs

Size of a Stage

The first and most important factor you need to consider is the size of your stage or room. This determines how much haze you will need in the room, which then determines the haze machine wattage you require. Is your event going to be indoors or outdoors? With haze machines, there are many wattage options available to produce the ideal haze per minute.

Compatible Haze Fluid

Also, ensure that you also purchase the compatible haze fluid recommended by a manufacturer. The haze fluid is what you need for your machine to produce the effects. Just like cars, using petrol in a diesel engine just destroys the engine completely. Confirm whether the haze machine you have purchased uses a water based or oil based haze fluid.

A Haze Machine with a Timer

A haze machine with a timer is most suitable for an event organizer who is busy trying to multitask and prepare a stage for a concert. With a timer, you can set a stage while doing other things. You can also set timelines for dispersal of haze in appropriate sequences and for how long you want the haze dispersed. It automates the process, so you don’t need someone to manually monitor the machine.

Minimal Noise

In any concert or event, noise is one of things you don’t need around. The noise you would like to expect, is that of an exited and overjoyed audience, not a haze machine. Some haze pumps can be quite noisy. There are quite costly haze machines that have minimal noise and are the most ideal for events such as concerts or plays.

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