Nothing like spending time at the seaside. Just watching the sea makes people rest. It calms the nerves. It relieves the smell. And swimming works the whole body.

Having only the equipment you need on your way to the sea makes your job easier. You want to prefer products that do not take up much space and are not heavy. Turkish type sea towels are for you. Pestemal is one of the indispensable products of Turkish baths. This weaving, which has survived from the Ottoman times, is light and thin. Stylish, useful and light product is also preferred in the pool and seaside in recent years. Towels are thick, take up a lot of space in bags. It is also difficult to carry because they are heavier. However, loincloth takes up little space with its light and thin structure. Does not weigh on bags. It is easy to use. It wraps the body. Dries easily. It dries quickly.

With the increasing interest in this type of weaving, loincloths have been produced in different models. There are also wearable models such as bathrobes and dresses. There are many color options.

The loincloth can be tied in different ways. This provides both ease of use. It also increases your elegance. You can turn it into a stylish navy gown that will be tied in different ways on your swimsuit or bikini. It is a weaving type prepared by pestemal seamless. Wide it is. It can be tied at the chest, at the waist. You can use it as a loincloth bustier and combine it with a stylish necklace. Are you one of those who don't like wearing jewelry at the seaside? Instead of wearing a necklace, you can cross the two ends of the loincloth through your neck. This method also easily increases your elegance by the sea.

100% cotton loincloth absorbs water faster than a towel. That is why it is so preferred in beaches and pools. This product with high absorption ability dries quickly. Pestemal is one of the oldest known clothing. This rectangular weave is decorated with tassels.

Write the word towel and loincloth side by side on a piece of paper. And add the pros below. Pestemal is light. It takes less space than towels. It dries quickly. It dries quickly. It is much easier to wash and dry. It is decorative. It is produced from natural cotton. It is easy to carry. It is the right choice for children and babies as it is produced from natural yarn. Wide it is. It can suddenly turn into a dress that will cover the whole body. It is handy. On a boat trip, your hair can turn into a scarf that will prevent it from flying, or a shawl to your shoulders.

This special weaving spread throughout the world come from Turkey, it has attracted attention with vibrant colors. Thin. Even when it covers the whole body, it does not overwhelm thanks to its air permeability. It is long lasting. Can use it as pareo.

When buying loincloth, you should prefer cotton fabrics. Silk fabrics are also available. Those who are healthy and long-lasting are such fabrics. Synthetic content fabrics should not be preferred.

Cleaning of loincloths is also easy. It can even be washed quickly by hand. Peshtamal prices vary according to the thickness and size of the fabric.

Peshtamal can be used not only in pools or beaches, but also in gyms. It does not take up much space in your sports bag. With its soft and absorbent structure, it makes you feel comfortable and comfortable. It offers a stylish and beautiful appearance with its thin structure. It is eye-catching with its different patterns. Durable. You can wash it many times and use it for years.

You can combine it with any accessory in any style. It is elegant, useful, light and stylish. Standing out with its fine texture, it is seen as a loincloth, dress, blouse, bag or even shoes. In recent years, it has found itself a wide place in the fashion world. Its ability to absorb water is very high since it is woven from cotton and linen threads. After you start using loincloth, you will never give up again.

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