Golf is one of the sports intertwined with nature. The aim of the game is to complete 18 courses by making the least number of hits on the ball. For this, special golf clubs are used.
Golf has been remembered as a sport played by the rich for many years. There are different opinions about its history. In particular, China, France and Scotland claim to be the first to find this sport.

According to some sources, the starting point of golf is China. It is claimed that Chuiwan game played in China since the 14th century is the ancestor of golf. As with many innovations spread from China to the world, those who brought this game to Europe were traders of the Middle Ages.

It is also claimed that golf is a game played in Rome before Christ. In many European countries, it is stated that, although the name is different, games resembling golf are played.

Although controversy continues about its homeland, the view that golf is one of the oldest known sports prevails. And Scotland is one of the prominent countries in this sport.

In the 15th century, it is known that the word Scott has the word golf. In the 16th century, there is a golf course in Scotland. It is believed that Mary, the Queen of Scots, played golf in 1567 at The Old Links in Musselburgh, one of the oldest golf courses. St. Andrews is also one of the oldest golf courses known. Royal and Ancient Golf Clubs were established in St. Andrews in 1754.

The development period of golf sport is the 19th century. The designs of golf balls also improved during this period. Metal-bodied golf clubs started to be used in the 1930s. Sticks are made of lighter alloy metals over time. In the 1980s, golf clubs were observed to be lightened. Today, golf has become an industry worth billions of dollars.

Respect is at the heart of golf. The athlete competes with both other players and the golf course. It is one of the sports where sportsmanship is rewarded. The player is expected to respect his opponents and the court. Silence starts with the golfer getting ready for the kick, that is, taking the bat from his bag. And he waits for opponents without talking or moving until he has completed his shot.

The player tries to leave the pitch clean and intact. Replacing the grass covers, erasing the traces it creates in the sand barrier, and correcting it if there is any damage is one of the behaviors that show the player's respect to other players.

The starting points of the pits are called tees. The end points are called green. At the end points there is a pole with a flag at the end. How many hits the ball will be thrown in the pits is determined by the number of pars. To complete this track, the ball must be thrown into the pit.

Golf and Ancient St Andrews has determined the rules of golf. This organization has been recognized as a golf authority by the whole world.

Golf is usually played with at least two people. The highest number of players is four. Each player takes a kick-off. In the golf course, besides the pit, there are fair-way and rough sections. In golf courses, where there are no obstacles, artificial obstacles such as small lakes or sand pools are created. Players compete to throw the ball into the pit with a minimum of strokes. At the end of the 18 tracks, the player who made the lowest hit becomes the winner of the game.

Golf has been recognized as a sport that attracts the rich for many years. The interest in this sport has been increasing in recent years. Especially in the United States and England, golf is seen to have made a great improvement. It is stated that there are around 35 million golfers in the USA alone. The number of golf courses in the country has exceeded 25,000. Golf is also a popular sport in Europe. Especially England, France, Spain, Italy and Sweden are countries where golf is widely played.

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