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The veranda is the first area that welcomes us when we come home. It is like the showcase of our house. It is also a place where we feel comfortable and peaceful. The veranda is thought to have been first seen in Indian architecture. Then it seems to spread all over the world. Today, it is frequently used in detached buildings.

In the dictionary, the veranda is defined as “a large balcony on the ground floor of the houses, flush with the floor or raised, covered with a roof, open sides or glass.”

The verandas are one of the most used parts of the house, especially in spring and summer. It is even suitable for you to have a good time with your friends. It can be used easily in winter with a few changes.

Furniture that combines elegance and comfort is preferred on the verandas. Considering that these furniture will always be outdoors, it should be resistant to sun, moisture, wind and water. You can share delicious tables with your family and friends with a nice dining table. You can color your patio with pillows to complement your seats… You can pamper yourself with a rocking seat, swing or hammock.

The patio is an area where you will find the peace of the day and find peace. Therefore, its decoration should give you peace of mind. The colors of the furniture you choose should be intertwined with the plants around you.

Nothing like resting outdoors. You will not understand how hours pass on your patio, which you will decorate according to your taste. In the evening, you will not want to leave this pleasant place. With the lighting that will complement your decoration, nobody will be able to spoil you at night. You can use decorative lamps suitable for outdoor use. In addition, decorative lanterns, colored candles that you will place on your coffee table or table will add a different atmosphere to the environment.

A swing, a big umbrella with feet to protect you from the sun in summer are some of the furniture you will want on your patio ...

A well maintained and decorated veranda is good for your soul. With vines, you can also create a natural canopy at the top of your patio.

Wooden floors are generally preferred by those looking for a natural look in the verandas. Stone flooring or sculpture decorations add a different atmosphere to the environment.

Your taste and possibilities must match in decoration. You can use your space large and productive with furniture that is suitable for your patio. For example, putting a long table and small chairs makes it look big as it has a small patio. You can also create a wider area effect on your patio by choosing light colored furniture.

No matter what age you are, you will return to the joyful moments of your childhood with swings. You can increase the number of these joyful moments with a swing on your veranda. Is there a better place than a swing to take a nap or read a good book?

When choosing a swing, you should definitely calculate the size of your place. Also, swing mechanisms and materials are other factors that you should pay attention to. The harmony of the color and fabric of your choice with the other furniture on the patio provides integrity.

Spending time outdoors is a great pleasure. However, sometimes you may feel the need to escape from the sun and sometimes from the rain. The right product to help you with this is the umbrellas. There are a wide variety of umbrellas for outdoor spaces. As with many products, you should consider the dimensions of your patio when choosing an umbrella. In addition, the body characteristics of the umbrellas will be decisive for you. For example, side-bodied umbrellas provide more movement space and more shadow. It is also easier to place a table under such umbrellas. There are also remote control umbrellas for easy use.

You can create a small world on your patio. A pleasant world where you will feel peaceful, happy and calm when you enter it. There are various furniture and accessories to choose from. Imagine this little world you want to create. Choose the right furniture and decoration products for you to make your dreams come true. Enjoy unforgettable moments with your loved ones on your patio.

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