Organ or keyboard is one of the most well-known instruments among key instruments. Thanks to its ease of use, many families prefer this instrument to introduce their child to music. Sometimes the organ and the piano are mixed. Although they look similar in appearance, these two musical instruments are quite different from each other. On the piano, the sound comes out of the strings. It is an acoustic instrument. Org is a digital device.

It is easy to make a sound from the organ. Even a child can take his first steps into music by making sounds of his own. Hand is one of the musical instruments that requires eye coordination. It ensures the active use of the mind. It increases the learning capacity.

Music is one of the most effective ways of expression. Even a very shy person becomes a completely different person when he takes over the instrument. Starting to play the musical instrument increases self-confidence. It helps to socialize while reducing anxiety and stress.

Learning to play keyboard is not as difficult as it is thought. Having a music ear is of course a great advantage. But, as in every field, success is achieved by working without getting tired of playing the keyboard. There are many music courses. You can learn to play the keyboard in a short time by taking the necessary training in these courses. You can also choose to learn yourself first. With the keyboard you will buy, you can start practicing on your own at home. There are also books that teach the methods of playing organ. In addition, educational DVDs and social media videos can help you in the first time. You can identify finger exercises and run your hands. As your interest grows, training from a professional allows you to improve your ability and increase your knowledge of music.

Many brands have organs with different characteristics. If you are starting to be interested in music, you can choose a beginner organ. Some models have audio guides. Offers tips on chords.

The correct sitting position is important when playing an organ. Otherwise, you may cause permanent damage to your body. Since a wrong sitting position will start to bother you, it may be painful to spend some time at the beginning of the organ after a while. When playing the organ, the upper part of the body should be completely upright. Feet should be on the ground. You should feel comfortable. Elbows bent

It is important to practice often while learning to play the instrument. It is not right to work for hours without stopping. The right thing is to determine a disciplined and orderly working method. Instead of working 10 hours without stopping, it is necessary to work 1-2 hours a day regularly and to do the necessary exercises. Longer working hours can cause newcomers to lose their interest in a short time.

Finger exercises are very important for keyboard instruments. Fingers become stronger and faster. Finger exercises provide strengthening of the muscles. Those who do these movements regularly will notice the change in their fingers.

When choosing a keyboard, you should take care to buy a durable product. Many companies produce organs. However, the case structure of some is not good. Low-quality brands should also be avoided.

Brands are in a big race on technical features. Many brands immediately apply innovations in technology to their models. When purchasing an organ, the technical service and spare parts of the brand should also be taken into account.

The first used keyboard is important. Getting used to one brand may have a hard time later on switching to another brand. The first organ can be selected from easy-to-use models. Some models can be customized.

Price performance ratio is also important. For this, it is necessary to know the keyboards well. Over time, competition among brands has increased a lot. Some brands that started the race behind have managed to close the gap by closely following the technology.

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