If you are playing the instrument, if you also need a box or bag to carry it safely and comfortably. Some vendors may sell the standard bag along with the instrument. However, there are bags or boxes with different features for each instrument. However, in order not to damage your instrument, it is correct to choose a quality bag made of good material.

There are a wide variety of instrument boxes on the market. For example, a standard violin case is made of black fabric. Its shape is from thick to thin. However, if you are considering both your health and your instrument, you should be more attentive when choosing. Violin is a sensitive musical instrument. The bag should be light enough not to put too much strain on your back when carrying your instrument. It should also prevent damage to your instrument in the event of a possible impact. For this, it must be made of anti-shock material. In recent years, violin bags made of carbon fiber material have also attracted attention.

Another member of the violin family is viola. This instrument, which is slightly larger than the violin, also has four strings. Technically, it is similar to the bone. The most important feature that distinguishes the viola from the violin is that its sound is darker and deeper. It offers a mysterious sound color. It effectively expresses deep voice, sadness and pain. And also the lover ... Just like the violin box, viola boxes should be preventing blows. It should be produced from rainproof fabric or material. Having parts that can store accessories and spare parts makes your job easier. Its lightness is one of the features sought. Some models have materials such as styrofoam carved in the shape of an instrument. This prevents the viola from shaking as it completely surrounds the instrument and protects it against impacts. In some models, the inner surface is covered with special fabrics.

If the instrument you are playing is a guitar, you need a bag to carry it too. There are various bag models that are specially produced for guitars of different models. Some have fillings inside. It is important to open the bag as easily as carrying it. For this, some bag companies pay special attention to zippers.

Keyboard bags provide great convenience to those who want to carry their instruments wherever they want. Made of durable and quality material, these bags protect the keyboard throughout travel. There are many practical and light models. As with most instrument bags, keyboard bags have special sections for accessories. Extra pockets safely hide many attachments such as adapters and microphones. Pads in the bag and pockets protect the buttons and the entire assembly.

In recent years, besides instruments and accessories, there are special sections for smart phones in instrument bags.

The side flute is a precision instrument. A durable box is required to protect this sensitive instrument. The musicians' main preferences are wooden boxes. These hard and durable boxes protect the flute against impacts. Their interior is covered with special materials that will prevent scratches. Carrying cases compatible with these boxes are also available. These bags, which are covered with soft material, provide easy carrying while protecting the flute box.

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