Which Are the Most Necessary Parts in Installation Works ?

In our homes, in our workplaces, when the installations are working properly, everything goes well. But a failure in the installation can mess up. The most commonly used fasteners in plumbing works are bolts and screws. Sometimes these two elements can be mixed together. Bolts and screws, which have an important place all over the world, are listed under different standards. Their shapes and strengths are vary. When shopping and replacing nuts, you should make sure you use them with the appropriate bolts. The quality values ​​of the bolts should be in accordance with the nuts. The load is less on the back threads of the nuts. The main load is on the teeth close to the clamping surface. High strength bolts are preferred for fastening structural elements. It is aimed to prevent loosening with pre-stressed bolts.

It is important to tighten the bolts with suitable tools. Thus, loosening of bolts in steel structures is prevented. There are other points that should be considered in order to prevent loosening in the bolts. It is important that the connection surface is free from rust and paint and that the surface is clean and dry.

Which Joints are Needed in the Repair of the Clean Water Installation ?

One of the places that we do not want to break down in homes is clean water installations. Over time, pipes and fittings may wear out. These parts must be replaced with new ones. However, there are many parts with different properties. Some of these are elbows, T-pieces, blind plugs and extension pieces.

For example, the elbow is used to change direction. It can be 90 degrees or 45 degrees. The tee is needed for three-way connections. Blind plugs are used to close the ends of the pipes. If the tap connections need to be extended, extension pieces are required. Extension up to 1 to 5 cm can be made with these parts.

What Do Pumps Do ?

Mechanical devices used to transport liquids are commonly referred to as pumps. There are a wide variety of pumps that vary according to the nature of the liquid to be delivered. The materials used in the construction of the pump vary according to the characteristics of the liquid to be conveyed. One of the most used pumps are piston pumps. These pumps are available in different designs. But basically all of them use pistons that move in a closed cylinder.

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