Our homes are comfortable, comfortable. Our slot. We want to be as safe as we are comfortable in this warm home. Security systems, alarms, fire detectors, locks and solid doors enable us to keep our home safe. We secure our homes against many dangers such as thieves, fires, and floods. One of the most effective ways to ensure security in our homes is alarm systems. Statistics in many countries show that. Burglars do not prefer to rob workplaces and homes with alarm systems.

There are various alarm systems on the market. The common feature of most of them is that they are user friendly. Installation is simple. Unauthorized interference with parts of these devices results in the alarm sounding. Alarm systems alert the user with a siren sound in case of a possible intervention or motion detection. Some also warn with light. Alarm systems can be integrated with phones. If the user does not interfere with the system after the warnings, the phone numbers defined in the system are called. There are also remote control models of alarm systems, which are a strong protection against intrusion.

One of the devices used to keep the houses safe is security cameras. With the development of technology, the types and features of security cameras have also increased. These cameras can be installed outdoors as well as installed outdoors. Their properties vary according to the environment in which they will be found. There are cameras that are mobile as well as fixed cameras. One of the features that distinguish the cameras from each other is the field of view. The decisive factor here is the angle of the camera. As the angle widens, the field of view becomes wider. The area where you will use the camera determines the number of cameras and the field of view. Some security cameras only record images. However, there are also security cameras with voice recording capability. One of the features you need to consider when choosing a camera is resolution. That is the image quality. If you want to see the items recorded by the camera clearly, it is best to choose a high resolution device.

Some cameras also feature night vision. In this way, it can record images even when the light level is insufficient. A camera with this feature will be useful, especially considering that theft cases are usually done at night.

The internet, which has entered our lives in every field, is also helpful in the use of security cameras. Security cameras with Wi-Fi can be connected to home networks wirelessly. It is easy to use. They won't be easy to disable because they provide wireless connections. Some models of security cameras are fixed. Displays a single point, albeit wide-angle. Moving cameras can display wider area as they can move up or down.

Security cameras also have counterfeits. Their appearance is like a real camera. They are deterrent to thieves. Its costs are lower than real security cameras. It is usually battery operated. With blinking LED lights, they look deterrent and realistic. Another preferred product in recent years to avoid bad surprises is video intercoms. No matter what kind of house you live in, you can easily see the people coming to the door with these intercoms. Some devices inform you by photographing people who come to your door when you are not at home.

You can protect your family with these easy-to-use devices. Parents advise their children not to open the door to people they do not know. Thanks to this device, children not only hear the voice of the person coming to the door, but also see it. In this way, it is prevented by malicious people to deceive children.

One of the devices that provide security in the doors is smart door bells. These devices, which can also be paired with mobile phones, allow you to check who is at your door without noticing. Memory cards can be inserted in some models. This allows you to record images. Some models have motion sensors. These sensors also alert you when it detects someone standing in front of your door for a long time.

The advancing technology offers you various options to keep your home safe. Which is the right choice for your home?

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