Are you waiting for the new member of your house? There are many preparations to be made while waiting for your baby. One of the most important of these preparations is the baby room.

Preparing a baby room is very enjoyable. Every parent wants to design a comfortable, safe and stylish room for the new member of the family. How to prepare the most suitable room for the baby? What kind of products should be preferred for the health of the baby? What are the precautions to be taken for security? What should be considered when choosing a baby room? How to choose a baby rug? How should the curtains be? And many more questions…

If you are preparing a baby room, you have already started the research. We have summarized important points for you…

First of all, you should decide which room in your home will make a baby room. When making this choice, you should make sure that the room you choose is close to your bedroom. So you can easily hear your baby and go to you as soon as possible. The room must have a window overlooking the light. So you can ventilate the room frequently.
The walls and floor of the room are also important. It would be healthier to prefer painting instead of wallpaper. The colors recommended for the baby room are warm and pastel colors. In the selection of paint, you should choose a non-toxic and cleanable product.

Healthy floors that show both dust and easy to clean, such as parquet and laminate on the floor, are recommended. Carpets covering the whole room are not recommended.

The baby room should be comfortable and safe. For this reason, you should prefer healthy, safe and comfortable products for every shopping you make for the children's room.

The most basic furniture in the baby room is a baby cot, a wardrobe, carpet, curtain and lighting. You can add others to these furniture according to the size of your room.

It will be appropriate to order the furniture some time before birth. No matter what kind of paint it is painted, there is a smell in the new furniture made to order. You can ventilate the room frequently so that this smell disappears before the baby arrives.

Shopping for the baby is like going to an amusement park. There are colorful, diverse, different designs and concepts for baby furniture. You can choose furniture in many concepts such as princess, pirate, sea creatures, fairy tale heroes.

Bedsteads can be designed to grow as well as fixed size. We recommend that you choose a crib that can grow by considering your baby will grow faster than you think. So you do not have to pay a second expense and buy a bed for your baby in a short time. In addition, there are removable dressers at one end of such beds. The upper parts are also designed as areas where you can change the bottom of the baby. So you don't have to buy a dresser or prepare an extra space to change your baby's diaper. A healthy baby furniture must be made of wood or solid wood. Furniture made of natural material will be healthy. When choosing furniture, you should also make sure that the edges are not pointed.

Security should be in the first place in the nursery. You should also be careful when placing baby furniture in the room. You should put the bed in a spot away from the window. You will find your baby as you left it in his cot for the first time. But it will move with time and even stand up after a while. You should not leave any items that can easily reach around the bed, which could pose a danger to it.

Your baby will spend the first months in his room, he will learn to crawl and even stand up in this room. When preparing the room, do not forget to turn off the sockets. You can secure all the sockets with protective covers. Also hide electrical wiring. Do not keep any items in front of the window, such as your baby can climb.

Lighting is important in the baby room. It is best to prefer a room that can get sunlight from the outside. Thus, you do not need to use a lighting device in the room during the day. The baby gets natural daylight. Keeps the room spacious. When choosing curtains for the baby room, it will be correct to choose a light and not too heavy fabric. The curtain should not prevent light from entering the room.

If you do not have a room like this and you will necessarily use a lighting device, you should use hot bulbs. Halogen lamps or fluorescent lamps are not recommended for baby rooms.

When choosing a baby rug, you can choose antiallergic products. Choosing a washable carpet or rug will make your life easier. A carpet or rug that can be easily cleaned will be the right choice for your child's health.

Your baby's bed sheets and clothes should be chosen from cotton fabric. The pillow should be soft and easy to clean.

As your baby grows, many more products such as toys, small tables and chairs, and whiteboards will start to take their place in the room. However, the less items in the room in the first period, the more space your baby will have.

To prepare a warm, quiet, functional room, we recommend that you examine the products on our site closely.

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