Do you want a holiday freely? Do you like travel in nature? If you say “take my house with me” like a turtle, the caravan is for you. The caravan feels freedom. The dream of many travelers is to travel by caravan. Single person, couple or family… There is room for everyone in the trailer.

Are you ready to hit the road with your dream caravan? You should also make sure that your vehicle is ready. You should check the engine, battery and tires.

Making a list of items you will need during your journey also makes your job easier. Since it will occasionally increase the vibration, it is a good idea to fix your belongings. Especially tubular and electrical items should be fixed. Thus, hazards such as gas leakage and fire are prevented. It is also important to fill your food cabinets.

You must determine your route before you leave. Of course, sometimes journeys develop spontaneously and go beyond this route. Because it is discovered that there are more places to see as you progress. Make a plan anyway. Determining caravan camps on your route. Choose your accommodation. We hope there is no need, but it may be necessary to make a list of hospitals on your route. And keep a medicine bag with you.

Vacation with caravan is safe as well as enjoyable. But caution is always true. Accommodation must be chosen carefully. Uncanny places should not be preferred. In fact, everywhere is your home with a caravan. You can stay in any suitable environment. However, caravan camps make your job easier. It provides advantages such as bathroom toilet for you. Also, your access to electricity and water becomes easier.

Although the caravan offers unprecedented freedom, it is helpful to set certain rules to avoid discussions from time to time. Living in a narrow space requires discipline. Simple rules such as distributing tasks in a caravan and creating an order in the kitchen increase compliance.

The best part of traveling with a caravan is to be in touch with nature. But you may not want to be so close to the bugs. It is inevitable for flies and insects to visit your caravan, as the windows are often left open. To prevent this, you can spray on glass and doors.

It also teaches to be life-friendly in the trailer. When you fill the water tanks regularly, you will have enough water for bathing and washing dishes. It is important not to waste water in the trailer, as everywhere. Wastes that fill the sewage tank are discharged with a device resembling a small jet engine. It is best to empty this tank every few days in a suitable area.

Devices that use electricity such as a blow dryer and oven should be operated while the vehicle is in motion or connected to an electrical source. Otherwise, the battery may run out.

It is useful to give an important warning to those who will travel with the caravan for the first time. Since the caravan is shaking during the journey, your stomach can be found in the first days. Just like sea voyages. It can happen to many people. Your body will get used to it in a few days.

The models are developing day by day when the caravan is so popular. Now caravans are not just a small room. There are caravans that look like wheeled residences.

Firms evaluate every inch of caravans. They don't leave a single unnecessary space. The caravans with increased bed capacities are suitable for large families or groups of friends. Moreover, in many models, the beds can easily turn into a sofa. Item storage areas are kept larger.

There are also larger and useful caravans in the kitchen areas. Showers and toilets are also designed more stylish and useful.

As the number of eco-friendly caravan users increases, caravan models increase and develop. We invite you to a trip on our site to examine the equipment you will take with you before going on a journey with the caravan.

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