Sunchaser 20-Tube Solar Energy Solar Water Heater Reviews

The Sunchase 20-Tube is especially manufactured to be installed on a slanted roof or on flat roof, where solar energy is abundant during summers. Its dimensions of 63 inches by 78 inches can cover the whole roof, and can accommodate in supplying heat source for the water.


This heating device has been thoroughly tested over time, and it encompassed of durable materials and advanced design to cope up with the daily hot water needs of the whole family. It has insulated storage tank to prevent hot water from being cold, and to lessen the heat source to escape. Sunchase 20-Tube has evacuated tubes that are tailored to have heat-trapping properties that effectively enclose the collected solar energy inside the system. This brings relief to the consumer that the solar power is going to last for more hours. The heating tubes are shrouded in vacuum-sealed environment that reduces the escape of heat.


Sunchaser 20-Tube does not have a storage tank in its package, and storage tank is essential to place the hot and cold water together. Hot water rises in the tank, while cold water sinks at the bottom of the tank. Furthermore, it is considered to be a bit pricey due to its unique entrapment of solar energy inside the vacuum tubes.


If you are going to invest in Sunchase 20-Tube, be sure that you live in an area where sunlight is ample in almost a year. This heating device has the tendency to not function properly due to cold weather.

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