Solar Water Heater Reviews

In this generation of overpowering technologies, advanced infrastructures, improved irrigation, and convenient facilities, there is no doubt that resources in our planet are heavily utilized, most of the times, leaving nothing green and environment-friendly to everyone. Nevertheless, on the bright and positive side, there are available renewable resources that are provided to substitute the conventional electrical power, most especially at homes. Devices such as the solar water heaters are engineered to harness the power of one of the cheapest energy source, which is considered the most green and the most inclined to help Mother Nature recover from overutilization.

In this solar water heater review, a variety of solar water heaters are going to be reviewed and discussed in order for you to know which one of these solar water heaters are suitable for your needs at home. Replacing your current water heater, either electrical or gas, with a solar-powered option can efficaciously reduce your monthly energy costs by half. This is a great deal for families who wish to have their expenses lowered.

Below is the list of reviews for solar water heaters. Hopefully, these reviews may be beneficial and constructive for you so that you can be fully informed with the different solar water heaters available in them market. Take note of the important features, advantages and disadvantages, and unique characteristics because these can be your measure to come up with the best decision.

The Complete Guide to Solar Water Heaters and How They are Saving the Environment

Fafco Solar Water Heater

The Fafco solar water heating device is one of the top solar water heater in the market, and it is most purchased for pools outside. It is engineered with an excellent solar water heating system that demonstrates simple processes of using solar energy as the heat source. Manufactured by a company that is dedicated in the implementation of the same design across pool since 1972, the Fafco device has been using collectors that are connected to the pool’s filter to heat the water. The device can be installed onto a roof or a rack, or on the ground.

This solar water heating device includes a user-friendly instruction’s manual and a 10-year warranty, which is very favorable for the consumer. What is convenient in the Fafco device is that it can be expanded to fit the size of the pool and the volume of water necessary to be heated. This feature allows you to control the quantity of water needed for heating. You can just add solar panels as required depending on the size of your pool.

Fafco solar water heater is nifty during summers when you want to go swimming outdoor, especially for small children who cannot take the coldness of the water. The only downfall in owning this solar water heater is that you may not be able to use this for your pool during cold season when the solar source is scarce. This may lead you to switch to the expensive gas or electric heating systems.

In this solar water heater review, Fafco is recommended to solve the problem of having cold pool water outdoor. This is the best solar water heater when you want to get the most out of the solar energy provided freely by our beloved sun.

Kokido Solar Heating System

Pool swimming is prevalent in most houses with large backyards, most especially when there are children involved. Most families use solar pool heaters to heat the water for the swimming pool since children cannot take the coldness of the water.

Kokido solar heating system is one of the best solar water heater in the market in terms of pool heating. It utilizes the renewable power source of the sun, and you no longer need electricity in heating pool water. Using electric or gas sources in heating your pool water costs a lot in your bill due to the large volume of water.

Kokido solar water heater heats the water harnessing the solar energy, and it attaches to an existing pump system. One of the disadvantages of Kokido solar water heater is that it does not have its own pump system. You need to purchase a pumping system in case you do not have any existing.

Kokido is sold at a very reasonable and affordable price that anyone with a swimming pool can purchase. It is engineered to be portable so that you can carry the heater anytime, anywhere. Kokido has manufactured an innovative heater with a dome design curled in connector tubes to be extended to your swimming pool. The dome heater is easy to set up, cost-effective, and compact. Hoses and clamps are included in the package. One dome heater can suit 6,000 gallons of water. Kokido dome heater is the best solar water heater for small swimming pools, along with its portability.

Another disadvantage of this dome heater is that multiple dome heaters are necessary to accommodate medium and large-sized swimming pools.

Because of the unique design of Kokido dome, the heater is able to absorb and disperse vast amount of solar energy to be converted.

Sunchaser 20-Tube Solar Energy Solar Water Heater

The Sunchaser 20-Tube is a time-tested solar collector that utilizes durable materials and advanced design, reliable enough to create a self-sustaining solar water heating system. The frame of the Sunchaser is specially tailored for installation on a slanted roof, although design for a flat roof is also available. It has the dimensions of 63 inches by 78 inches, and it is made of aluminum, weighing in 180 pounds.

The evacuated tubes of the Sunchaser have heat-trapping properties that can effectively trap the solar energy inside, making solar power long lasting. The heating tubes are covered in a vacuum-sealed environment that can reduce the escape of heat in which other solar collectors naturally lose due to the material’s origin like plastic or glass frame.

The advantage of the Sunchaser 20-Tube solar water heater is that it entirely minimizes the amount of heat from escaping from the tubes that provides you with more and long-lasting solar energy. Conventional flat plate collectors are considered effectual compared to evacuated tubes under extreme sunshine, cloudy or cold weathers, but evacuated tubes have manufactured upper hands that can harness the sun’s energy to a full throttle.

On the other hand, the disadvantage of the Sunchaser 20-Tube is that it only comes as a panel in the packaging, and it needs to be attached to a tank, which is usually sold separately. Most solar water heaters do not include a tank in the packaging as it is always purchased separately. This solar water heating device is a bit expensive because of its unique entrapment of solar energy inside the vacuum tubes.

In this solar heater review, we highly recommend Sunchaser 20-Tube because of its ability to confine solar energy inside the tubes for a long period. This is the best solar water heater for households that live near and around the tropical region because sunshine is abundant even in rainy seasons.

TK-SC6 Solar Water Heater

The TK-SC6 solar water heating device is engineered with a high technology solution of temperature regulation that solves the common problem in increasing the usage and durability of the solar water heating system. Most consumers think that a simple solar water heater is enough to accommodate their needs at home, but actually, it is not because not all solar water heating devices are manufactured to effectively leverage heat control.

This solar water heating device has a built-in controller that checks the temperature differentials from the collector and water tank utilizing three or four sensors. The controller is also made adjustable so that it can activate the pump necessary in the water circulation, and it can prevent excessive heating or freezing through temperature regulation.

Having an embedded temperature controller in the device is very preferential because it allows you to be in command with the desired temperature you want for your water. It also creates an interaction level between you and the system as you can efficiently provide data in your device upon heating operation. This is also a great deal in preventing the solar water heating device to be overheated as most solar water heaters do.

The TK-SC6 is the best solar water heater because not only it provides a temperature regulatory function for controlling the temperature of the water, but it is also sold cheaper in the market, making it affordable for most families. In this solar water heater review, this solar water heating device is recommended for households who are looking for a functional solar water heater, yet economical in price.

150 Liter Duda Solar Water Heater

The 150 Liter Duda solar water heater is composed of a complete package that includes heater control, automatic air vent, storage tank, thermostatic mixing valve, submersible water pump, and propylene glycol.

The heater control comprises of the pressure gauge, pressure relief valve, check valve and circulation pump. 150 Liter Duda’s heater control is designed to be efficient and intelligent in terms of providing excellent performance control of your heating device. It has an insulation cover to prevent heat from escaping.

Its automatic air vent is utilized for an automatic exhaustion of air from hot and cold water pipeline systems The air vent avoids water overflow and air accumulation in pipes which hinder the water flow. 150 Liter Duda heating system’s thermostatic mixing valve has an automatic process of mixing the cold and hot water together depending on your temperature preferences. The submersible water pump functions better for initial charging of solar water heater.

The manufacturer generously provides warranties on the different components of 150 Liter Duda. The collector manifold has a warranty of five years; the stainless steel storage tank has five years of warranty; the evacuated tubes have a warranty of 15 years; other system components are covered with five-year warranty.

In this solar water heater review, 150 Liter Duda is recommended for families who prefer a complete set of components for the heating process. This particular water heater is the best solar water heater as it is OG-100 SRCC Collector certified, which means that this heating device has been thoroughly tested by the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC).

Rheem RS47-21BP Solar Water Heaters

In terms of passive solar water heater, the Rheem RS47-21BP comes in with huge water capacity of 80 gallons. It is a heavy-duty appliance with a passive design that needs neither a pump nor a controller. The Rheem RS47-21BP has a closed loop design that can be long lasting and can perform excellently, as long as it is used accordingly and properly.

Rheem brand has been in the soalr water heating market for years and it has developed a trustworthy quality among consumers. Rheem Solar System has beem awarded with the 2009 MVP Award for Innovation and Efficiency by the Builder’s Group. Rheem also provides a flat roof mounting rack sold separately. The Rheem RS47-21BP has a complete package of a tank, a collector, an installation kit, and a heat transfer fluid utilized in a closed solar water heating system. It has a single wall heat exchanger that enclosed the entire storage tank composed of steel and coated in a glass enamel lining. This solar water heating system is designed to be closed to prevent from further scale accumulation and uncontrolled water temperature.

In its installation, you must be able to maintain the right amount of dilution of propylene glycol in which the passive solar water heaters mostly used. However, in terms if utilization, it has the most simple process wherein cold water enters and hot water comes out.

In this solar water heater review, Rheem RS47-21BP is the best solar water heater in terms of complete package that do not require you to purchase another device separately, and it has an economical price suitable for most families. Since Rheem has already established an image in terms of solar water heating systems, you can be guaranteed with a quality experience. Furthermore, Rheem also offers warranty that is made convenient for you.

SW 37 Solar Hot Water Heater

Heliatos Solar Water Heating Systems manufacture the SW 37 Solar Hot Water Heater that is an eligible collector for solar energy, and it can be attached to your current existing water heater that is already experiencing defects.

Aside from the solar panels included in the packaging, it also comprises materials that are required in the installation procedure such as the pump, fitting and tubing. The two panels are already enough to heat your water, and the more water your household needs, the more solar panels you need to install. Adding more solar panels has an easy implementation without any sweat. Each solar panel weighs around 12 pounds, and when combined, the solar panels are arranged in a 24” by 24” dimensions. This setup is an ideal provision on the rooftops.

The packaging kit also encompasses various materials for connecting SW 37 device to your tank — Aqua Pex plastix tubing, copper tubing, Topsflo pump, and pump fittings. Since an instruction manual is already provided, you may not find the installation and preparation difficult. Although the initial setup is always deemed the most tedious part, it can be very rewarding in the end.

200 Liter Passive Solar Water Heater

The 200 Liter passive solar water heater has an embedded pressurized system with Heat Pipe technology that aims to utilize heat pipes for an efficient heat transfer. Heat pipes are very reliable in thermal conductivity, and these have the ability to transport heat in long distances without any vibration felt.

Warranties are also provided in the different components of this passive solar water heater. The tubes have warranty of 15 years; the tank has a five-year warranty, and other components have a one-year warranty.

This particular passive solar water heater comprises of an n electric backup heating element in case the solar energy supply runs out suddenly. This heater utilizes vacuum tubes with heat pipes, water storage tank for direct heating of the household’s water supply. The sunshine reflects the tubes, and converts the solar source into heat around 94 percent. The converted heat travels through the heat pipe to the manifold, which heats the water inside the storage tank.

200 Liter passive solar water heater is the best solar water heater in terms of effective conversion of solar energy source to heat. This provides you more heat for your water supply.

AO Smith SUN-80 Solar Water Heater

The AO Smith SUN-80 is tailored for residential use due to its mid-range, flexible and easy-to-install solar water heating tank. Its capacity can lead up to 80 gallons of water, and other model like the SUN-120 can accommodate 119 gallons of water. Another model that is a more compact version can hold eight gallons of water. The latter is intended for the use of one person only.

The AO Smith solar water heater is comprised of Permaglass lined steel, and it utilizes two inches of Non-CFC Foam insulation, which makes it very friendly to the environment. Remember that any appliances with CFC content blurt out harmful carbon gases that deplete the ozone layer. The SUN-80 solar water heating device allows either an open or closed loop system by putting an additional heat exchanger.

A heat exchanger assists in the regulation of water temperature, and in the protection of overheating and freezing. It is important to have an inspection of the activity in your solar water heater so that you know when is the right time to add controls to prevent overheating in your water supply.

In addition to the SUN-80’s features, it has DynaClean II system that helps in the prevention of accumulating lime and scale in the heating process. Sediments can also be prevented. The DynaClean II system is mostly utilized when your water supply is hard, which means that your water contains undesirable hard minerals like Calcium and Magnesium. The system uses a diffuser dip tube that filters the hard minerals and sediments from water, in case it is hard.

AO Smith SUN-80 is the best solar water heater that offers a wide range of accessories that can accommodate your needs at home. Not only does it heats up your water supply, it can prevent scale build-up and lime formation in your tank. In this best solar water heater, this is the recommended one if you have hard water in your household.

EZ-37 Solar Water Heater Panel

The EZ-37 Solar water heater is one of the cheapest heaters in the market due to its easy and simple installation. Most of the consumers prefer simplicity in the installation process of a solar water heater. It has a conventional hot water tank for storing the hot water supply for the household. Its individual components are labeled for quick identification. The manufacturer, in order for you to learn more about EZ-37 heater, also provides an instructions manual.

A controller is embedded in the heater so that you can set your preferences on the temperature. It is an excellent option for preheating water rapidly. EZ-37 heater encompasses metal fillings situated on the left side of the panel for stable connection. Its tank is well insulated to prevent warm water from being cold.

It only weighs roughly 12 pounds, very lightweight for a typical solar water heater. Its dimensions are only two feet by two feet, which means it is very convenient to carry anywhere, knowing that its installation is minimal.

However, EZ-37 solar water heater does not have the seal of the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC) that endows its eligibility of creditworthiness, guarantee of clean and potable hot water and reliability for safety heating operation.

In this solar water heater review, EZ-37 device is fairly recommended if you prefer a portable, yet effective means of heating water. This heating device is the best solar water heater in terms of economical price, portability, and effectiveness of heating operation. Although, if you find this product appealing, bear in mind of your safety since EZ-37 does not have the official seal of SRCC.

What is a Solar Water Heater?

A solar water heater is a device that employs solar energy from the sun to bring forth heat and not electricity. The heat of the sun is obviously ample when the weather is dry and barren, or when the season is torridly summer. Furthermore, the generated heat from the solar water heater is applied to heat water for tub bathing, and showering.

For a quick overview of the science behind the solar water heater, the solar energy is the original and significant energy source for our planet and for every living creatures to survive. It is also responsible for supplying energy for photosynthesis or plant growth, and for the warmth in times of frigid weather. The sun is accountable in making our planet habitable and in keeping the plants alive.

The history of solar water heater can be traced for over 100 years, and in the previous 20 years, the technology in manufacturing solar water heater has immensely ameliorated to cater with the rapid pace of everyday routines. The absorber coating technology is responsible for collecting solar that can convert reliably more than 50% of accessible sunlight for hot water supply in the household. The usage of a solar water heater effectively reduces a household’s carbon footprint by cutting down dependencies on dirty fossil fuel activities. In order to balance the consumption of electricity and gas, turning to solar water heaters can be a huge step in toppling down the energy costs and in increasing your financial savings.


Once you have discerned the various solar water heaters in this solar water heater review, you may begin to wonder if you are convinced with owning one. In addition, if ever you are convinced, you ask yourself which one of these solar water heaters is the most suitable one that can administer the needs in your household. No matter the model you choose, the important thing is that you are able to endeavor in a greener way to consume energy.

For those you have little experience in hardware installation, the initial setup for the solar water heating device can be very challenging and baffling. The installation procedure requires you to have the skills needed in figuring which part goes where and how to connect to the corresponding area. Wrong setup can lead to futile outcome and the worst part is that it may ruin the materials due to false connection. Taking time in reading the user’s manual is very essential to have the solar water heating device to be correctly installed. You do not want your investment to go to nothing just because of negligence in installation and usage. The longevity of a solar water heater can go for a long time when it is taken care of and when it is properly maintained.

Try to consider solar power as your source of energy at home because it is going to have a dramatic effect in your bills. It contributes in decreasing your electrical consumption, and you can contribute also in having a greener lifestyle.

Our planet is already in the shift towards drastic transformation wherein climate change is rapidly affecting weather outcomes, sea tides, melting of polar ice caps and permafrost, and extended seasonal change. Climate change also cause extinction to some animals due to their inability to adapt forcefully. For instance, the North Pole is the natural habitat for polar bears, and since polar ice caps are melting very fast, their habitat is fading away. The situation leaves the polar bears to swim endlessly looking for icy surface, or to migrate to other places, which may be dry and hot. Of course, most animal are already in the brink of extinction due to harmful human activities that destroy their homes or kill them for food, medicines and other commercial use.

As a concerned human being inhabiting this wonderful planet, our duty includes taking care of what is left and nourishing it in order to preserve the beauty of Mother Nature. Not only does this benefit us, but also for the future generation. What do we have to endow if everything is nearly destroyed? What animals do we share to the future kids if most of the wonderful creatures are gone, vanished and extinguished? Little actions still count even in the smallest way that you can think of. Like for example, owning a solar water heater can contribute greatly to reduce electrical and gas usage, which in turn uses non-renewable, dirty sources life the fossil fuel.

Let us take care of our planet because this is where we are able to live and to survive, and this is our one and only home. Remember, there is no place like home.

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