Rheem RS47-21BP Solar Water Heaters Reviews

The Rheem RS47-21BP solar water heater is a heavy-duty appliance that is engineered with a passive heating design that does not need a pump or a controller. It has a complete package of a solar collector, a storage tank, installation kit with an instructions manual, and a heat transfer fluid. Although, you need to purchase a separate flat roof mounting rack in order for the heater to be mounted on the roof. The rack is made adjustable so that you can adjust the angle suitable for collecting solar energy. The heater has a single wall heat exchanger that covers the entire storage tank, and it also has a closed loop design to prevent any scale buildup and uncontrolled water temperature. The propylene glycol is utilized at the right amount of dilution for added protection against freezing. Careful reading of the manual is very important so that you can be able to perform proper installation, stable operation and maintenance of the Rheem RS47-21BP.


The manufacturing company, Rheem, has established itself a place in the solar heating market, and it has been engineering quality products. The company has been able to receive an award in year 2009, the MVP Award for Innovation and Efficiency by the Builder’s Group. Consumers are guaranteed with the quality solar water heaters that Rheem provides because of its leadership in the market.


This heater is convenient and beneficial in terms of the features it has, and you do not need to purchase any required component for the water heating, all except for the mounting rack to position the water heater on top of the roof.

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