How To Pick The Right Baby Stroller - Buying Guide

Choosing the most suitable baby stroller is one tough decision because of the various amenities and features that many strollers represent in the market. Not only you focus on the most important factors such as the comfort, safety, and maneuverability, but also you take notice on your personal budget. In this best stroller review, we are going to help you distinguish what is best for you and for your baby. Below are the reviews for the top standard strollers in the market in which you can make a comparison based on mobility, safety features, comfort level, easy usability and budget.

Stroller Reviews

1- UPPAbaby Vista

The UPPAbaby Vista stroller is best for newborns up to five months, and it has a quick switch from bassinet to toddler seat without removing any essential parts.


Ease of use:

It has an easy folding mechanism with three hand gestures — release, push and fold. Although, it is not accommodated with only one hand, the stroller has the capability to self-lock and self-stand upon folding. The unfolding part includes only two easy steps — release the lock, and rotate the handle.


The Vista stroller provides a red/green indicator that promptly distinguishes if  the seat or bassinet is properly secured. The bassinet can only be used facing the parents. The stroller also has a basket large enough to carry loads of equipments such as the diaper bag, bottles, or even grocery bags. It also has two pockets at the back of the basket for small things, and a small pocket on the back seat for the parents’ personal things like phones and keys.


This stroller has an adjustable canopy with UPF 50+ visor to protect the baby from the sun’s rays at a particular angle. It also has a peek-a-boo window that lets you check on your baby while you take a stroll.



Its handlebar has a neoprene-type covering that tends to secured grip, and it is also adjustable to a minimum of 40.5 inches to a maximum of 43.8 inches through a button located at the center. Its wheels are made of rubber and foam, and they have a front swivel lock and a shock-absorbing property that responds to a one-hand pushing. The stroller can be pushed on rough pavements and in tight places.



The stroller has brakes activated by pushing the foot lever for setting and pulling the lever for releasing. It has a five-point harness with adjustable buckles and waist straps. The frame of the stroller is crafted in aluminum, which resulted to a greater weight than that of the average of 25 pounds.



Its fabric and its storage basket is removable, and it is best to hand wash for the material’s longevity. It has a weight of 25 pounds, including the features such as the bassinet, bug and rain shield, and basket.


The Vista stroller is pricey because of its luxurious bassinet, and it is also heavy because of the bassinet, storage bag, and other special features such as bug shield and rain shield. The infant’s bassinet is the brand signature that is engineered to make your baby comfortable with its airsoft mattress. If you want to have simply strolls and to shop on a regular routine, this stroller is the right choice.



2- BOB Revolution SE


BOB Revolution SE stroller is suitable for traditional walking and for sporty activities like running and jogging.


Ease of use:

BOB stroller has a lightweight aluminum alloy frame, which makes its two-handed fold easy and compact in two steps — to fold in one hand and to attach the locking strap manually to keep it tightly folded. It also includes a large basket underneath, a pocket at the back, and internal pockets for small and lightweight things. The handlebar has an attached wrist strap for safety. BOB stroller has a peek-a-boo window that lets you peep on your baby while pushing, and it also has an adjustable canopy that keeps the sunshine out of your baby’s eyes.



This stroller has pneumatic tires manufactured with high-impact polymer composite that is favorable in pushing the wheels over rough pavements and gravel. Despite the protection that the polymer composite has against puncture, you still need an extra caution to prevent flat tires.


The BOB stroller can be turned flexibly and easily with only one hand, even when pushing and turning on curbs. It also has a swiveling front wheel that locks when you want to go for a run or for a longer walk; it is usually used to make your baby comfortable in bumpy rides.



In terms of the stroller’s safety features, it has brakes in a form of a bar located between the back wheels. The brakes are activated using your foot, and they are difficult to move because of its stiffness. Furthermore, the BOB stroller has a five-point padded harness that secures your baby in the seat, and it is very adjustable when buckling.



This stroller has a component of Dobby and Poly weave fabric that has a  water-repellant coating, making it easy to wash up. It is also stain resistant ensuring that whatever your baby spills is not going to get through inside the fabric. The manufacturer of this stroller advises consumers to never use detergent when washing the cloth of the stroller to prevent dinginess. Using a sponge with a mixture of lukewarm water and some mild soap is already enough, and rinsing with water and air drying can suffice cleaning with the fabric.


Weight/Folded size:

It has a weight of 25 pounds, and a folded size of 25.5 x 15.3 x 39 inches. Its weight capacity is measured up to 70 pounds with an additional of 20 pounds for extra cargo.


So if you want to go running, jogging, or having long walks, the BOB Stroller is the best choice as you can load extra equipments with its additional weight capacity, noting its safety features mentioned. In this best stroller review, the BOB stroller is the most recommended stroller for parents with active lifestyle.



3- Britax B-Agile


The Britax B-Agile stroller is a tailored to fit in small car trunks, or in other words, it is designed for travel use at a moderate price.


Ease of use:

As mentioned above, Britax B is engineered for traveling, which means it is lightweight, easy to carry, and portable. You can even carry it on one hand and your baby on the other. It has an easy one-handed fold via a simple button, and when it is folded, the stroller lies flat on the ground and locks itself automatically in position. Both hands are needed when unfolding the stroller.


This stroller has a sunshade for protection against sunshine and rain, a peek-a-boo window for parents to view their baby while strolling. It has a medium sized storage basket that only important baby’s things should contain due to its minimal size, and an extra pocket for small items such as mobile and keys.



Britax B stroller has three wheels that makes pushing very convenient on any rough terrains. You can deftly balance the turning and maneuvering with those four wheels. However, pushing can be a little painstaking and heavy if your stroller carries many loads of freight aside from your baby.



There is a brake pedal located at the right rear wheel of the stroller, which you can easily pull and push using your foot. The five-point harness has a soft padding and its flexible adjustability makes buckling very fast and easy.



The stroller’s frame is comprised of lightweight aluminum which makes it very durable. The handlebar is also composed of a single-height aluminum that makes pushing sweat-free. As mentioned above, the sunshade is included in the package and it can be easily removed on a cloudy day.


Weight/Folded Size:

B-Agile stroller has a weight of 16 pounds, an ideal weight for travel purpose. It is light and very portable when folded, perfect for suburban strolling and public transportation.


The manufacturer suggests the usage of this stroller for newborns up to 55 pounds. It also has a recline suited for naps.


In this best stroller review, we recommend using Britax B-Agile if you love to travel and prefer carrying a lightweight, portable stroller in your own practicality, while providing your baby the best functional and safest stroller.



4- Baby Jogger City Select


The Baby Jogger City Select is the versatile stroller with a variety of functionalities and 16 seat combinations, and can carry both a bassinet and an infant car seat. This is a perfect stroller for families of two children living in tight vicinities.


Ease of use:

The Jogger City stroller has a weight maximum capacity of 29 pounds, and it is challengingly heavy. Using both hands, folding the stroller takes in 3 steps by pulling the handle located at the center of the seat. It does not auto-lock upon folded. The unfolding part is flexibly easy in two steps — unlock and shake the stroller out until it positions to its proper look.


The seat of the stroller is softly padded, and it has the ability to be reversed so that the baby can face the parents or otherwise. The straps and buckles are also padded to provide comfort for the baby. The canopy is adjusted to three positions allowing more flexibility to protect the baby from rain and sunshine. The stroller has a mesh peek-a-boo window that gives the parents some visualization of their baby while strolling. The storage bin is large enough to hold on to the baby’s things and to grocery bags, and additional pockets are located behind the seat.


The downside of this stroller is that it does not include any child tray.



Since it is already heavy, it is suitable for the stroller to be maneuvered by strong parents. Turning requires extra effort because of its load. However, due to its heaviness, pushing can be really stable allowing more balance in the stroller. Its rear wheels are built as “forever air, no flat tires”, which means that parents do not need to worry about having flat tires while walking on rough terrains. The stroller can be tipped backwards when using the stairs.



The handbrake is tightly placed, but it is easy to use.The five-point safety harness has paddings on the buckles and shoulders, and the straps are adjustable.



Jogger City Select is engineered with polyester, nylon and foam that leaves the stroller in good condition over time. The frame requires caring to prolong its longevity. The rubber on the handlebar sticks very well.


Weight/Folded size:

This stroller is already bulky at the weight of 29 pounds, and it is long when folded. The bassinet and the infant car seat both have the weighing capacity of 45 pounds.


If you have a family with more than one child, or twins rather, here in the best stroller review, greatly recommends this stroller since it can already hold one child on the infant car seat, and an infant in the bassinet.



5- Bumbleride Indie


The Bumbleride Indie is manufactured for standard stroller, not for jogging use since it is does not have shock-absorber as most jogging strollers have. This stroller is great for light outdoor activities. It is made up of environment friendly materials while giving comfort to your baby.


Ease of use:

Its folding process takes five steps and both hands since its folding lock is a bit difficult to use. It is quite bothersome to take this stroller in the trunk because of its folding thickness. The unfolding process, however, has two steps — unlock the folding lock and shake the stroller out until a click is heard, which means the stroller is ready to roll.


The seat can be reclined to a full back position so that the baby can take naps. When the seat is situated upright, it has a surprising height of 20 inches, which means that your toddler may outgrow this stroller in the future.


The stroller has a canopy with SPF 15, which effectively blocks the sun’s harmful rays. It also includes a peek-a-boo window that provides visualization for the parents to check on their baby. Plus, the back seat can be zipped open for ventilation.


A storage basket is also provided, large enough to contain all the baby’s stuff and additional grocery bags. A small pocket located at the back of the canopy is used for small things. This stroller does not have pockets on the side and cup holder.



Bumbleride stroller is easy to steer, to push and to turn because it is compact. The pneumatic wheels can handle rough and bumpy terrains. The stroller can be turned on tight aisles and steep turns. The front wheel has a lock that can be pushed or pulled.



The brakes are difficult to move, yet very effective. The five-point harness is padded and buckling is very quick. The straps are required more effort in adjusting. Putting any additional weight on the handlebar is not recommended because of the possible risk of getting tipped.



Indie stroller is manufactured with environment friendly materials. The fabric is made of durable polyester fabricated from recycled materials, and bamboo charcoal to absorb moisture and regulate temperature. The frame is comprised of anodized aluminum that makes the stroller compact in size.


Weight/Folded Size:

This stroller is medium in size when folded. The maximum weight for this stroller is 45 pounds.


Bumbleride Indie stroller is quite expensive, yet it offers good investment in terms of high quality in the materials, safety features, special accessories such as the storage basket and canopy. In this best stroller review, if you want your stroller to be eco-friendly while taking your baby to the park, the Bumbleride Indie stroller is the right choice for you.



6- Baby Trend Expedition


The Expedition stroller works best on multiple terrains, provided with sufficient storage, comfortable features and safety measures.


Ease of use

This stroller can be pushed without difficulty at all, although it is heavy when folded, not a good combination for traveling purpose.


It has three easy steps when folding, and you need to make the seat fully reclined before folding. The folding lock is manually clicked, and the folded stroller is able to stand on its own. The unfolding process takes in 2 easy steps, and unfolding from the rear is done initially. The seat is still fully reclined upon unfolding.


Putting the stroller into the trunk is tedious because of its bulkiness, but it can still fit in small trunks when the wheels are removed. The seat is not fully padded and stiff, but it has multiple reclining positions. There is no padding on the safety straps, and the canopy is not vast enough to cover the baby in a multitude of angles. However, it has a ventilation and peek-a-boo window.


The handlebar is ergonomic and durable, and it provides comfortable grip. It has a storage basket large enough to contain diaper bags and even grocery bags. There is a parent tray with two cup holders and pockets included in the stroller package. An additional car seat adapter is also included.



Expedition stroller is able to withstand different terrains whether it may be rough, rocky, grassy, snowy, sandy, or woody. Parents can easily push and turn the stroller with only one hand. Its tires are similar to a bicycle, making it resistant to multiple terrains. This stroller can face difficulty in turning in narrow places.



It has brakes on its two rear wheels, and both are necessary to engage when parking for security. The Baby Trend has the risk of being tipped over, which means putting things in the storage basket and hanging bags on the handlebar are not recommended at all.


The five-point harness is adjustable but it does not have any padding leading to uncomfortable feeling for the baby. It is equipped with footrest reflectors that provide low-light visibility when strolling at night. It also has a tether strap to ensure that the stroller does not run away in case you get tripped.


When unpacking the stroller out of the box, the stroller omits a foul chemical smell, and it is best recommended to let it outside to ooze out the smell.



Its frame is made of steel but some of its components are made from plastic that may not last for future use.


Weight/Folded size

The Expedition stroller has a weight of 24 pounds, and as mentioned earlier, it is bulky when folded.


Here in the best stroller review, for parents who want a stroller that can be operated flexibly and can be motioned without difficulty on all kinds of terrains, the Baby Trend Expedition stroller is compatible for you. It is sold at a reasonable price of $300 or even less.



7- Baby Jogger City Mini Single


The City Mini Single Stroller has a variety of 16 seating combinations, and it is offered at a very low price. It is not manufactured for jogging purpose, but it is very ideal in strolling. It is also best in traveling use.


Ease of use:

It is light at 18 pounds and can be easily taken in and out of the trunk without exhausting yourself. It does not include a parent tray or a child tray in its package, however, it does have a large storage basket for your baby’s stuff and also your things, as well. It has a small pocket at the back of the seat for personal use. A canopy is also available for protection against the sunshine and rain. Its handlebar are well adjusted for parents with different heights.


Its folding mechanism is done one-handedly and it comprises of detaching the two red safety straps, and pulling up the handle at the center of the seat. The two red safety straps are attached again after unfolding. Its folded size is small and portable, making it fit in an average car trunk and convenient to carry in public transportation.


The Jogger City stroller provides two vinyl window for ventilation if the seat is reclined.



This stroller can be motioned in tight areas but it is hard to move on rough pavements. Both hands are advisable to use when navigating the stroller as there is a possibility for a tippy ride.



The stroller has a five-point harness system with soft padding that is homely for your baby to use, and with easy buckling system.


The wheel brakes are very secured to use because these are activated when pressed on the handlebar. This makes emergency and safety method favorable for the parents.



The fabric is easily washable, and the frame of the stroller is tightly intact. It is very light and durable, very portable in traveling.


In this best stroller review, we recommend Baby Jogger City Mini Single if you want an inexpensive, light, portable stroller with features that can protect your baby. Investing in an expensive stroller is not practical when there are available strollers with almost the same features.



8- Bugaboo Cameleon 3


The Bugaboo stroller is one of the high-end strollers that most NYC parents use for their babies because of its bright colored, elegant looks. It is the most selected stroller for travel companionship in prominent families.


Bugaboo StrollerEase of use

This stroller has a detachable, compact frame in which either the car seat or the bassinet can fit into. Its fabric is reversible, durable, and can be machine-washed unlike the fabrics of most strollers. The bassinet has a comfortable air-filled mattress that can be utilized as a cradle without the stroller.


The folding mechanism comprises of detaching the seat locks on the both sides, removing the seat, detaching the frame locks, twisting the handle downwards, and lifting the center crossbar up. The chassis does not have a frame lock once folded, and it does not stand on its own. Loading and unloading the stroller from the car trunk is very cumbersome because the chassis tends to unfold. You can remove the wheels for more space if you want to put it inside the car trunk. This is not the suitable stroller for parents who want to have quick travels because of its unmanageable state with the folding.


The storage basket must be watched out for when the chassis is folded because there is a possibility that the bag may not form into its proper position. The weight capacity of Bugaboo is 37.5 pounds to 40 pounds, which means that this stroller is no longer useful when the baby outgrows this stroller by its maximum weight capacity. The seat is narrow at 12.5 inches wide and short at 20 inches tall. The seat has reclining capability so that the child can have comfortable naps, however, the seat cannot be reclined to a full back lying position. This is where the bassinet is effective for newborns.


The Cameleon stroller has a canopy for protection against the sun’s harmful rays and rain. It does not have a peek-a-boo window, but the stroller is facing forward to the parent. There is no ventilation in the seat of the stroller. The storage bin underneath the seat is large and removeable that makes cleaning easy.



The stroller is easy to push on pavements with those small swivel wheels, but it gets stuck on rough terrains with gaps and gravel. The suspension of the swivel wheels are designed adjustable for a flawless ride as your baby gets heavier. Using both hands in maneuvering is a must.


The large rear wheels are foam-filled, engineered to be stable enough on snowy, sandy, woody or grassy terrains. Unfortunately, since the wheels are a bit wide because of its design, they can roll accidentally out of the stroller. But that only happens very rarely.


The handlebar can be switched so that the larger rear wheels can face forward. The smaller wheels can be locked, allowing the larger wheels to do the strolling.



Bugaboo stroller has secured brakes, and it is manufactured with low center of gravity. Most of the strollers have brakes on the wheels, which are called foot brakes or foot pedal. In this particular stroller, a handbrake is used located at the right side the handlebar. All you have to do is to push the brake and click it to lock. You are ensured that the stroller is secured because of the handbrake feature. In order to release the handbrake, just push the button on the side of the brake.


Its low-center-of-gravity feature enables the stroller to be steady, preventing it from tipping over. The five-point harness is durable and the shoulder straps are padded, but the buckle is a bit hard to operate.



Bugaboo stroller is made from a durable aluminum chassis, making the it very compact when folded. The fabric is made of canvas polyester. For the cleaning process, using a damp cloth on the chassis and wheels can suffice. The fabric can be machine-washable.


Weight/Folded Size

Cameleon 3 stroller is a medium sized stroller, and its weight is around 24 pounds.


In this best stroller review, if you want to get into the hype, Bugaboo Cameleon 3 stroller is the perfect fit for you, as you can attach and detach a bassinet or a car seat on its frame. However, for the parents who are looking for a stroller at a reasonable price and can accommodate newborn and older, this stroller is not recommended at all.



9- Britax B-Ready


The Britax B-Ready has the capacity to accommodate two children, either newborns or children of all ages, and it is manufactured to transport a bassinet or a car seat simultaneously compared to other strollers.


Britax B-Ready StrollerEase of use

B-Ready stroller is very heavy and bulky in size that makes loading very difficult. Its seat is higher than that of an ordinary, standard stroller, and it is made reversible to face the parent or forward. You can stroll two children at a time since it can hold on to a bassinet or a car seat at the same time. This stroller can be categorized as a tandem stroller because of its build to carry two passengers without affecting its width compared to a side-by-side stroller.


It has two folding steps using both hands and an automatic chassis lock. It can stand on its own and can be rolled down when folded. The unfolding mechanism takes in with two hands as well as with two quick steps.


This stroller has an adjustable canopy for protection against rain and sunshine, and a peek-a-boo window to provide view of their baby. The velcro from the back can be removed for low sun angles.


There is no child tray included, but there is only one cup holder at the side. The handlebar is adjustable, the buckle and strap have paddings, and the seats can be reclined to a full back lying position. It has a large storage bin, and two pockets located at the back of the seat.



Britax B-Ready is not comfortable when pushing because of the front wheels sticking out, making it difficult to turn in narrow places. It is heavy and unresponsive when pushing. However, it really does offer a smooth ride due to its foam-filled tires and four-point suspension, if turning is minimal.



The brakes are easy to operate with a one-step click, and they have an on/off indicator for the parents to be aware if the brakes are engaged or disengaged. The five-point harness and shoulder straps are well padded, but the buckle is a bit stiff required both hands to fix.



The frame is made of some heavy duty aluminum alloy that makes the stroller very compact.


Weight/Folded size

Its weight is around 29 pounds, making it heavy and bulky when folded.


In this best stroller review, if parents have children more than one, this is the right stroller since it can accommodate two children at the same time.



10-Baby Jogger City Mini GT


The Jogger City Mini GT stroller is well qualified for parents who are seeking a cheaper, yet functional stroller in the market. It is also very handy for parents with different heights because the handlebar can be well adjusted according to the height, even accommodating six feet and above. The GT stroller is a standard stroller for daily use, not manufactured for jogging purposes.



It is engineered with a patented quick-fold technology in which you can only pull the handle located at the center of the seat, and the stroller automatically folds, making it efficient when traveling and doing outdoor activities. When unfolding the stroller, just unhook the side lock and flip it up be the handlebar. The red safety strap must be correctly positioned on each side so that the quick-fold technology is in proper place.


This stroller has a well-cushioned, supportive seat that is able to lean backwards into a sloping position to a fully horizontal position. It can support children with a height of 24 inches. It includes a large storage basket under the seat, a large pocket at the back of the seat, a sunshade that huge enough to provide full covered protection against sunshine and rain, and two peek-a-boo windows that allows you to take a peek of your baby while strolling.



The tires of the stroller have a rubberized solution of “foam filled forever air” that prevents them to be flattened on rough terrains and any pavements with debris. It can be maneuvered in tight places and steep turns. It has an adjustable rubber handlebar that allows parents with different heights to adjust according to height and to push with comfort.



The GT stroller has a handbrake within reach, and a removable auto-lock that secures the stroller to be in folded position. The five-point harness has nice paddings and are easy to buckle and to unbuckle, but the harness is not flexibly adjustable. It has a shoulder strap that is tailored directly on the seat by using clips.


However, there is an underlying problem with GT stroller that when the baby is positioned flat- back, it has a possibility of falling backwards because there is no extra weight on the handlebar or on the seat, which may lead to a potential injury.



The fabric of GT stroller is durable as it is made of nylon, polyester and foam, although it is not stain resistant. It is safe to hand wash to protect the durability of the fabric.


Weight/Folded Size:

It has a weight of 21 pounds, which is incredibly light for a standard stroller and small enough to smoothly fit in an average car trunk. It has a weight capacity of 65 pounds, which means it can carry a child with that weight. The stroller also has a height capacity of 44 inches for a taller child.


In this best stroller review, Baby Jogger City Mini GT stroller is recommended if you are determined to push through buying a very functional and sturdy stroller at a reasonable price.



How To Know If You Are Choosing The Right Stroller

Choosing the right stroller for you and for your baby is one tough decision because it is an investment for the family. When you do investment, you do it for the betterment of everyone, most especially for your baby. Your baby is the one who benefits greatly from the stroller, and being aware and fully informed for the functionalities and safety measures is very essential.


You have to consider the age of your baby. Not all strollers are fit for a newborn, and not all older babies can fit to strollers designed for newborns. If your baby is still a newborn, choose a stroller that has a reclining seat up to a full back lying position. A newborn still has a weak neck support and is not able to lift up his/her head, thus a fully reclined seat is a must. As the baby grows older, the seat can be reclined to an upright position. Make sure that the stroller is compatible with such feature.


If you are expecting more than one child, you may want to consider a stroller that can accommodate twins or triplets. There are strollers designed to carry more than one passenger. Some strollers can also handle an older kid and a younger kid.


Your location depends on the type of stroller you are planning to have. If you plan to have frequent strolls around the park or at the mall, a stroller that is very easy to operate is the best choice. If you travel a lot, then a travel based stroller is the compatible one.


Try to do a little research on your own to ensure the functionalities and safety measures that you want for your stroller. Just like this best stroller review, its aim is to educate parents with the strollers that are sold in the market.


Be informed with the features that you want your stroller to have. Remember that your baby is the passenger and that requires an immense amount of safety standards such as the padded harness and straps, easy-to-operate buckles, brakes that are within reach, and tether for running purposes. Features such as adequate storage baskets, canopies or covers, adjustable handlebar, and washable seats and covers are only a few things to consider in having a stroller.


Lastly, check your available budget. You cannot just browse strollers that are unreasonably expensive and way out of your budget. In these days, practicality is the way to prevent any wastage of time and money, and to avert from emotional stress. Go with strollers that are within your budget, at least this makes one criteria down.

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