EZ-37 Solar Water Heater Panel

This solar water heating device is one of the cheapest heaters in the market because of its easy and simple installation. It has the main features of having a storage tank for the heated water, and a controller for further customization of regulating the temperature. Its individual components are labeled for a quick identification, and the manufacturing company has provided an instructions manual for further information about the heater.


It also supplies a preheating mode for the water supply. EZ-37 includes metal fillings on the left side of the panel for stable connection, and its storage tank has an insulation to keep the warm water from being cold. Its weight capacity is around 12 pounds, which is already lightweight for a typical solar water heater.


EZ-37 solar water heater does not have its own anti-freezing protection, which means, you need to purchase a separate freezing protection for this device in case of a very cold weather. This heating device is not designed to withstand freezing temperature. The tubes and some parts of the collectors do not need further maintenance.


Heliatos is also the manufacturing company that engineered EZ-37, which means, it is made from lightweight materials suitable enough for the placement on the rooftop. It is recommended to have the glazing part of the panel with water, little bit of detergent powder, and a soft cloth to have it cleaned.

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