Cheap Vanity Mirrors

A home without a vanity mirror is incomplete. If we try look at our homes, in the bathroom, bedroom or even in our living room, there are always mirrors hanging above the sink, vanity cabinet, or tables. These vanity mirrors may come in different sizes and shapes and it is the always present in a vanity makeup set. Now that everything is modernized, vanity mirrors also evolved and a lot of types and designs are coming out from the market.
We may not be aware of it but vanity mirrors are good accent in our house’s interior design. It makes the room cozier, elegant, and inviting. It just depends on the type, size, and designs, and the functionality of the vanity mirror we want to buy.
Choosing the best and unexpensive vanity mirror may take enough preparation and time because there are now different mirrors to choose from. Here are some types of vanity mirrors that you may want to add as decoration at home or functional furniture.

Types of Vanity Mirror for your Homes

  • Lighted vanity mirror

Vanity mirror with lights is now in demand not only because of its style and design but also of its functionality. What is advantageous in using this mirror is that people, especially those who are too particular of how they look, will have a glimpse of how exactly they look because of the light coming from the mirror. The light adds more brightness than normal light can give especially if you use the mirror vanity at night.

You don’t need to turn on the lights in room and disturb those who are already sleeping or resting while you dress up.

Another benefit of affordable vanity makeup mirror with light bulbs is that the lights can be adjusted the way you want it to be such as daylight or evening. For the ladies who usually apply makeup, cheap vanity mirror lights are really useful to make your make up and grooming experience more convenient and efficient.

  • Tri fold vanity mirror

From the name itself, the tri fold mirror is one big mirror that can be folded into three parts. Usually, this mirror may be placed in the bathroom or bedroom where you can spend more time grooming yourself. What is advantageous having this large vanity mirror is that it can add more space to the room visually. The tri fold vanity wall mirror also allows a full view of oneself so this is perfect for grooming needs.

A tri fold cheap vanity makeup mirror can be an additional decoration at home at it may add elegance and functionality. For people who are too conscious with their look from head to toe, they may purchase a three-way large vanity mirror because this allows a person to look at himself in different angles.

  • Hollywood vanity mirror

Hollywood vanity mirror is famous for its light bulbs. These lights surrounding the mirror may have different sizes and colors emulating a timeless Hollywood style. If you want to create a glamorous look with your makeup just like what Hollywood celebrities do, this elegant but cheap vanity makeup mirror is perfect in your bedroom. This is best used with makeup vanity table top to add more elegance to your room. Anytime you have parties to attend to and other special occasions, just turn on the light bulbs of your Hollywood vanity mirror and get the look you deserve.

For best results, you can actually purchase a cheap vanity mirror with professional style lighting. These lights can be adjusted from natural daylight to evening lights and from soft romantic to bright light. Also, you may want to make those bulbs look cool and elegant by choosing from traditional incandescent bulbs to modern Fluorescent or LED.

  • Vintage vanity mirror

For a more old-fashioned design, a vintage vanity mirror is best to complement an antique home. A vintage cheap vanity mirror can also give a sense of history to a room. With its old brass frames, dark patches, and stylish edges, vintage vanity mirror can transform a bedroom in Victorian style as if you live centuries ago.

Upon entering, the room it can the best focal point and would add more visual interest to a wide and barren space. It is also good to put antique furniture such as table or cabinet under the mirror to add more authenticity to the vanity mirror.

For large vanity mirror can also add more space to the room because of its reflection. Even in hallways, it is also perfect to place the vanity mirror to widen the space. However, don’t position the vintage vanity mirror direct at the sun light because it will reflect too much light or reflections shown may be blurry.

  • LED Vanity Mirror

Mirrors with lights are very functional aside from its unique design and elegance. In the bathroom or even in the bedroom where lights just come from the natural light, it is important to add more brightness to make the reflection clearer. However, these lights can be hazardous especially if it is in the bathroom and close to a sink. Now, there is a modern way to make the vanity mirror more useful with the use of LED. LED or light-emitting diode is much more beneficial than incandescent or fluorescent lamp because LED is energy efficient and consumes almost 90% power than other lights. Using led cheap vanity mirror can decrease power cost and maintenance because of the lifespan of the led.

LED vanity mirror is becoming popular nowadays because of its usefulness and affordability. Aside from being energy efficient, it also emits less heat which is very important for people who will use the vanity mirror for a longer time. It is also practical and safe to use because of the natural lighting it emits. Becoming more presentable is definitely achievable with the use of LED vanity mirror may it be during parties, presentations, or formal occasions.

Uses of Cheap Vanity Mirror

In every home, vanity mirror is always present because of its usefulness. It does not only serve as decoration but it also keeps us look glamorous and presentable every time we go out of our homes. May it be a vanity table with mirror, a lighted vanity mirror, vanity desk with mirror, bathroom vanity mirror, makeup vanity mirror, large vanity mirror, white vanity mirror, or vanity wall mirror, it is the most practical home accessories because it adds life to a home. Here are the many uses of vanity mirrors:

  1. Vanity mirrors can add space to a room visually because of its reflection.  Once you see a reflection in the mirror, it seems that it is still part of the view making the space wider. Large vanity mirrors, if positioned correctly, can even reflect the view outside the house bringing an illusion of a larger room.  A vanity wall mirror also gives an impression of an additional window because of the extra light reflected from it.
  2. Mirrors can also add up to a room’s lighting. A cheap vanity mirror of any size can reflect light which of course adds up to the brightness of the room.  During daytime, vanity mirrors if positioned well can reflect the light coming outside the home making the space livelier.  At night, vanity wall mirror can still reflect lights coming from lamps, candles, and artificial lights so this can also increase natural light in a room making the place more conducive and inviting.
  3. Vanity mirrors especially those that are antique or vintage can make the place more decorative and authentic.  Large vintage mirror is one way to hide defects in the wall such as scratches or holes. Another thing is that vanity mirror such as those antique ones can be a focal point in the room.  It can draw attention especially if it is made of expensive brass and genuine decorative edges.
  4. Almost all houses have mirrors which only prove that cheap vanity mirror is really a necessity.  Whatever we do, we always look at the mirror to check how we look.  Before we go out of our houses, the last thing we look at is our vanity wall mirror or even the bathroom vanity mirror. We could not afford to go out without grooming ourselves and checking out our appearance.  For ladies, makeup vanity mirror is really essential because seeing themselves well-dressed and beautiful gives them enough confidence. For gentlemen, vanity mirror is also a necessity because they also need to look smart and well-groomed. 

Having learned all about vanity mirrors, it’s time you own one. There are a lot of available and cheap vanity mirrors in the market and even in online shops.  You just need to be careful in choosing what is best for your home.  Here are buying tips for you to take note.  Make sure you get the perfect mirror.

Things to Consider when Buying the Ideal and Cheap Vanity Mirror

Where to place the mirror

Having a vanity mirror is a must have that is why you need to choose the best one that suits your need. Consider where you want to place the mirror. Do you want it
to be a vanity wall mirror in your living room? A vanity table with mirror in your bedroom? a bathroom vanity mirror? Or a small and cheap vanity mirror in your working area. Wherever you want to put your vanity mirror, make sure it complements the place and it adds more glamour instead of distraction.

Type of vanity mirror you need

What type of mirror do you like? Do you want it simple and small? Do you like something vintage or decorative? Do you want lights surrounding it? Again, try to list down the reasons why you want to buy a mirror and for what is it for. If you want it to be part of your home’s interior design, then you can opt for a vintage vanity mirror to give your space a more stylish look. If you are always on the go, always attends parties, and occasions, then the Hollywood vanity mirror with lights may be perfect for you because you will have a clearer reflection of yourself even at night.
If you intend to have a mirror for your personal use, just a simple and cheap vanity mirror and desk will be a good choice for you can place your grooming kit and makeup on your desk at the same time use it to check your appearance.

The functionality of the vanity mirror

The main function of a vanity mirror is used to check our appearance, how we look, how our make up complements our dress, etc. However, we need to go beyond that function of a vanity mirror. Some vanity mirrors have more to offer. They can be a perfect decoration at home. It can also give our small space an illusion of having a wider room because of the reflection. Before buying a vanity mirror, plan first how you will use it. Do you want it to be one of your home’s furniture? Do you want to use it to make your room brighter and wider? Do you want a simple and cheap vanity mirror because you just want to check how you look before going out of your house? Once you have answers to these questions, you will probably have an idea what type of vanity mirror to buy.

The cost of the vanity mirror

Your budget matters a lot. You really have to consider the amount you have to pay for the mirror. There are vanity mirrors in the market but make sure that the quality meets the standards. You don’t want to spend a penny for something unworthy. Vanity mirrors are important in the homes so it can be a very good investment. It can be a treasure to behold because of its fragility and usefulness. If you intend to buy your own vanity mirror, make sure the cost is reasonable and worth investing for. Afterall, vanity mirrors, may it be used in any part of your homes, reflects our personality and our outlook in life.

Vanity mirrors are important pieces we can own.  These are not just mere luxuries and decorations.  If you intend to buy one, may it be elegant-looking or cheap vanity mirror, make sure you consider it as your home’s treasure because afterall, vanity mirrors can be reflections of our personality and our outlook in life. 

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