AO Smith SUN-80 Solar Water Heater

The AO Smith SUN-80 is manufactured for residential use for its mid-range, flexible, and easy usability, and it is composed of a Permaglass lined steel to prevent corrosion. The manufacturing company has equipped this heating device with components that are environment-friendly like the Non-CFC Foam insulation. This insulation component prevents heat from escaping the storage tank and pipes. CFC is technically a gas that contributes to the depletion of the ozone layer.


AO Smith SUN-80 has the capacity to heat up 80 gallons of water, and other models like the SUN-120 can accommodate 119 gallons of water. It can be installed to either a closed or opened loop system by attaching an additional heat exchanger. The heat exchanger helps in the regulation of the water temperature, and in the protection against overheating and freezing.


Regular inspection of the heating device is required to make sure if the controls are in proper settings. AO Smith SUN-80 has DynaClean II system that hinders the accumulation of lime and scale buildup during the heating process. Sediments are also filtered away. The DynaClean II system is activated when your water supply is hard. It is best to have your water supply checked if it is hard or not. Purchasing this particular heating device and using it for your soft water supply are a bit of a waste in your investment because of the embedded DynaClean II system.


AO Smith SUN-80 has the features of both worlds — a solar water heater and a water softener. It is an ideal solar water heating device if your water supply is hard.

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