All About Strollers And A Buying Guide

If you are looking for stroller reviews, you are in the right place. For most new parents, one thing that they want to provide for their young is a high quality, functional, and safe stroller that may last for years even for their new ones in the future. But what is a stroller, anyway, and what does a best stroller mean? What good does it have on both parents and their baby. Stroller reviews written in this web site are based on our research of variety brands found on the market in this industry.

A baby stroller is the means of carrying the baby with comfort and ease and without carrying it by hand. It is a baby carriage that lets the parents or any other family members to use aside from manually carrying. Various types of baby transport are carriers (usually used at the back or at the front of the one carrying), bassinet or cradle attached in a frame, and the most common, stroller. The best stroller encompasses the best functionalities that it can offer to the baby and to parents in terms of maneuverability or the flexibility in motion, quality materials and features, durability in its frame and fabric, weight and folded size, and safety measures. Having those criteria in mind, affordability in price is also a preference before buying a stroller.

Most strollers have a bassinet, which is a cradle specifically built for newborns up to four to six months. It is like a basket big enough to accommodate a newborn. It is usually attached to a standard stroller, or car seat frame stroller. The bassinet is not useful anymore when the baby outgrows its size or when the baby is 6 months and older. This is because older babies are able to move around, learning how to crawl and to sit. If you persist on putting your 6-month old baby in the bassinet, the baby may only trip over because of curiosity and of wanting to explore the outside world.

Owning a stroller is very advantageous for the baby because the baby can relax and enjoy the outside stroll while being safely intact in the seat. As for the parents, it is also favorable for them, too, because they can stroll their baby with ease while enjoying the view or while doing other things such as shopping.

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Added Accessories and Stroller Reviews

In order to familiarize yourself with strollers, below is the buyer’s guide and stroller reviews towards choosing the perfect stroller for your baby. Sometimes the accessories from the package of the stroller are not enough for preferential taste. Some parents want to provide everything for their baby in terms of more comfort, ease and protection. Here are some of the add-ons that can be purchased on any baby manufacturing company.

  • A travel bag aids in carrying the stroller and keeping it clean. It helps in preventing abrasive lines that are caused by dragging or rubbing.Stroller hooks
  • A canopy is a cover, usually with SPF, that protects the baby from harmful UV rays and direct sunlight and rain.
  • A head and neck support is used to add comfort for the newborn in head support.
  • A netting is generally a mosquito net that prevents insects from landing or biting the skin of the baby. It is also used to add support for head safety.
  • A foot muff or a fleece lining is a cover for the baby’s feet and legs for protection against cold weather. It is usually attached through the harness of the stroller. It also keeps the baby warm and homy.
  • Some toys can be attached on the stroller so that while pushing the stroller, the baby is entertained on the go.

Benefits of a Baby Stroller

Technological advancements has sought to improve baby equipments and gears in order to keep the infant safe and comfortable while doing outdoor activities. Nowadays, parents have become more active and outgoing in their everyday lives, leading to the demand of having the best stroller that can accommodate their day-to-day needs. Transport gears have dramatically changed to suit the busy task of looking after their young.

Long-lasting capacity

Strollers are engineered to last a couple of years and even generations, depending on the quality of the product. Choosing the best stroller that can last longevity is beneficial for the parents who are planning to have a bigger family. Reusing the stroller is the best thing to cut off expenses and to have less worries on purchasing another stroller. The best strollers are manufactured with the best and safest materials with standards recognized by the government and organizations worldwide. Aluminum alloys are utilized to form industrial-strength frames, and fabrics are designed to be water-resistant and stain-resistant. Although, some strollers may not last long if not properly maintained and cared for.

stroller safety instructions


The stroller is not only known for great functionalities but also for superb safety measures. Brakes are present to slow down or to stop the stroller, when pulling through the handlebar can no longer suffice. Some strollers have tethers that are attached to your wrist to prevent it from rolling or tipping over accidentally. Harnesses and buckles always present to keep your baby intact and tightly gripped onto the stroller when in motion.

Easy transportation

With the daily activities that parents have each day going to the mall, shopping for groceries, jogging, picking children from school, attending appointments taking care of the baby simultaneously can muddle everything. That is why having a stroller can simplify the obligation while continuing with the daily activities. It aims to provide less work for the parents than to carry the baby all the time. In this situation, the stroller is very reliable and helpful in transportation towards any appointments. Not only the parents can work and the baby can relax, but also both can enjoy the fresh air outside and can bond together as a family. Furthermore, when long trips are already frequent, purchasing a travel system is the right choice since it is both advantageous with having a baby stroller and a car seat all-in-one.


Comfortable for the infant

Not only do the parents have the advantage of having the stroller in terms of easy transportation and no heavy lifting, but also the baby is getting the most out of the stroller. Generally, the stroller offers comfort for the baby in terms of taking naps, and sitting down. Most strollers have reclining seat, depending on the type of stroller the parents prefer, that can be used as a cradle. Some strollers offer a car seat that is very favorable for traveling, and most strollers have canopy that is great in keeping the infant from sunshine and rain, and safety harness.


No more heavy lifting

The manifesting benefit of the stroller is taking the baby off the parents’ shoulders, or in other words, put the weight down from the your shoulders literally. Babies actually grow very fast, and put some weight over time, which makes manual carrying very difficult and heavy. Putting the baby down on the stroller gives you a break without toiling too much on the carrying. For the lifting, Britax- B-Agile can you your choice as per our stroller reviews.



Firstly, a budget needs to be set in order to have a price range when selecting the best stroller. Being economical does not mean having the stroller low-quality, low-class, insufficient functionalities and no safety standards. It only conotes to practicality, since not all high-quality strollers with the best functionalities, convenience and superb safety measures are expensive. Taking note of the important features that weighs the needs of the parents and the condition of the baby is the most important of all, despite the cost. The simplest, traditional stroller generally costs around $50, and a high-end stroller that most celebrities, royalties and rich people can afford, reaches up to $500-$1000. Popular strollers can cost $100-$400. A complete travel system starts at around $180. Umbrella strollers costs as little as $10 while jogging strollers reach around $100-$200, except for models starting from $500 and above. Strollers that can transport more than one child starts around $150-$200. An investment in the best stroller contributes to the practicality of the family in the long run. Spending lots of money on the stroller is not at all necessary because there are numerous strollers that are sold at a reasonable price and are well-equipped with features and functionalities that high-end strollers have. The important thing is that the stroller is able to keep the baby safe and happy from strolls and travel. A functionality-wise stroller is better than owning one with no value at all. For the cost, Britax- B-Agile can you your choice according to our stroller reviews. Check our stroller reviews.


Factors in Choosing the Best Stroller

You will find stroller reviews on our site that may help you to decide the right one for you.


When choosing a stroller, you need to think what stroller that best accommodates your everyday lifestyle. If you love to jog or to exercise, a jogger stroller is for you. If you travel on road, you can choose the car seat frame stroller so that you can have a car seat and you can just attach it to the frame for instant strolling. Furthermore, frequent travelers who have older kids, a lightweight stroller is the best one for portability and easy lifting.



If you are expecting twins, you may want to consider getting a side-by-side stroller for twins, or a tandem stroller for an older kid and a baby, since it’s designed is for you to be able to push two younglings at a time.



If you live in an area where sidewalks are rough and crowded, and store aisles are narrow, you need to choose a stroller that has the capacity to maneuver in tight places and on rough pavements. If you like commuting, or take the public transportation, choose a stroller that is portable and light enough to be carried on one hand.


Warranty/Return Policy

Warranties and return policies are offered by the manufacturers to cover any damages and flaws from their products, and to show their promise to their consumers that they are responsible for any customer dissatisfaction. Reading the warranty or return policy is a must in order to be aware of the coverage of policy. Ignorance is not always an excuse, so being fully informed is better.


Functionality/Feature Test

In order to fully benefit the technological wonder of having a stroller, consider stroller reviews and the following features that most strollers have. When choosing a stroller, having it tested is a must in order to know if it is compatible for your baby and if you can manage it on your own. You need to check the handlebar if it is adjustable according to your height. A fixed height in the handlebar is quite bothersome for the parents with different height, thus making the experience very dull.

Check the storage basket if you think it is spacious enough for the things of your baby. A little extra for the grocery bags is also acceptable. Inspect the pockets if they are in reach of things, and if they have no punctures. Annoying as it may sound, pockets with holes are no use at all since it is a damage from the manufacturer. Having cup holders and child tray is nice and also convenient for your little one.

Sometimes, parents do not fold their strollers because of its uneasiness in folding and in unfolding. Test the folding mechanism of the stroller if you can handle it by yourself. What good does a stroller get if you do not take most of its advantages. Remember that unfolding the stroller is really important because your baby is the one who sits on it.

Maneuvering the stroller should be a piece of cake when you pick the best stroller. It must have the capacity to be pushed flexibly in tight places, on rough terrains, on wet pavements, on dirty, and soiled ground. This gives the parents the ease and the convenience in pushing and turning.

Not all types of strollers are light and easy to hand carry. It is up to you if you prefer a lightweight stroller that you can carry on one hand even in public transportation, or a standard stroller with full features that you can handle its heaviness or bring along when traveling. Most lightweight strollers are best for older babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, weighing around eight to 10 pounds. 

Car seat can be really handy when you take your sleeping baby out of the car and attach the seat right onto the stroller,if it is a travel system, or onto the frame stroller. Nowadays, most families already own a vehicle, and a travel system or a car seat frame stroller is the best stroller to accommodate traveling and strolling.



Look for a stroller with label saying that its manufacturer is a part of a certification program regulated and administered by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) with stroller standards such as buckle system, durability, stability, locking mechanism to prevent accidental unfolding and folding, brakes, folding mechanism to provide ease in folding and unfolding, and absence of pointy or sharp edges.

All parents have their own preferences with the features of the stroller. A good decision must be made if you want to have the best stroller for your baby. You just have to make sure that the important safety measures and functionalities are there to keep your baby safe, comfortable, and out of possible injury. Once you have a brief idea about strollers, you might want to check out our stroller reviews to select the best one for you.


Types of Strollers


Standard Baby Stroller

This is the most traditional and common stroller that is bulky, heavy, yet equipped with features such as storage basket, reclining seats, padded harness and maneuverable wheels. The typical seat in the standard stroller can be adjusted to a full back lying position that serves as an alternative to the bassinet. The standard stroller usually weighs 16 to 32 pounds, depending on what the stroller can offer. Some standard strollers have bassinets for full back lying position, canopy for protection against sunshine and rain, peek-a-boo window that lets the parents take a peep on their baby while strolling, various pockets on the side or at the back, child trays, and cup holders. The seat can face the parents or otherwise. For the standard baby stroller, Bugaboo stands at the top on our analysis of the stroller reviews.

This type of stroller ranges from simple and economical to sophisticated and expensive, compensating the additional features.


Car Seat/Frame Stroller

The car seat stroller is also called the frame stroller because the aluminum alloyed frame is provided to have the car seat attached to it. This stroller is usually affordable, light weighted around 11-16 pounds, and compact. The car seat stroller is very convenient for parents who frequently travel around and who prefer traveling with ease and comfort together with their baby. Instead of a car seat, parents can purchase separately a bassinet for a full flat back position. The car seat system Uppababy stands at the top on our analysis of the stroller reviews.

This type of stroller is the best stroller for traveling purpose with no fuss, no hurry and no inconvenience when in use.


Lightweight/Umbrella Stroller

The lightweight stroller is a very portable and easy to lift, which is best for short walks. It also called the umbrella stroller, and it generally weighs 12 pounds or less. It is tightly compact when folded that makes carrying it on hand very easy and flexible. Some lightweight strollers have less paddings compared to the standard strollers, and their harness are sometimes not easily adjustable. It usually lacks seat support, which makes it very uncomfortable to sit on in the long strolls. These strollers are inexpensive compared to other types of stroller that loaded with features. A lightweight stroller is not suitable for newborns because it lacks sufficient comfort that the newborns need due to fragility and lack of head support. It is, however, the best stroller for toddlers and kids up to three years of age. The lightweight system Britax stands at the top on our analysis of the stroller reviews.

Lightweight strollers have smaller wheels, making them less flexible in motioning and in pushing on rough terrains. This stroller type can be very favorable in taking toddlers and older kids out for walks.


Jogging Stroller

In terms of the size, the jogging stroller is similar to the standard stroller, and it serves as the best stroller if the parents like to exercise often. It has the capacity to join in with the jogging exercise since the stroller offers smooth ride for the baby, large storage bin at the bottom of the seat, and trustworthy stability in pushing.

Most jogging strollers have three bicycle wheels tightly orchestrated in a lightweight, durable frame. The wheels are air-filled so that they can absorb shock. It is compatible for smooth walks, runs and hikes through the woods. Generally, a jogging stroller can weigh around 23 to 31 pounds. The handlebar is designed to be long and high to accommodate the running and jogging activity, and to give running more spaces to avoid tripping over the stroller. Some jogging strollers are large and heavy, so you need to be careful in running to avoid an out-of-balance moment. Most of the jogger strollers have tether strips that are attached to your wrist while running. It is a safety measure for the stroller not to fall down in case you suddenly trip. The jogging stroller Bob Revolution SE stands at the top on our analysis of the stroller reviews.

If parents prefer a stroller that can suffice their needs in providing safety and comfort to their baby, and in exercising, this jogging stroller is the right choice.

wrist trap for stroller

Travel System

A travel system stroller is the combination of a standard stroller and an infant car seat. Its versatility in terms of functionality serves the best as the parents can get the benefits of a standard stroller, plus an infant car seat that can be utilized when traveling. It has a long lifespan because of its sturdiness and durability. Because of the stroller has a dual purpose already, it is generally heavy and larger, and pricier.

This type of stroller is the best stroller for parents who want to take walks with a standard stroller, and to travel with a matching car seat, all-in-one! The travel system Uppababy stands at the top on our analysis of the stroller reviews.


Side-by-side Stroller

A side-by-side stroller is a double stroller that have two seats attached adjacent to a single frame. It is a combination of two strollers adhered together. Its features are mostly similar to a standard stroller or to a lightweight stroller, the only difference is that there are two passengers in this strollers. This is very favorable for parents with two kids, or even twins.

This stroller can be maneuvered easily on curbs and in narrow aisles. A car seat can be attached to some models of the side-by-side stroller. The seats can be reclined to a full back lying position and can be adjusted individually. The disadvantage of this stroller is that when one baby is heavier than the other, the tendency when turning is that the stroller may tip to one side. When folded, the side-by-side stroller is large because of its capacity to hold on to two passengers.

This stroller type is the best stroller for transporting twins or triplets at the same time, with no more carrying all of them at once.



A tandem stroller is also a double stroller that accommodates two passengers. It is similar to the side-by-side stroller except that it is designed to have one seat behind the other. Some models have the rear seat or the back seat reclined, while the front seat cannot be reclined because of the limited space the back seat has. Some tandem strollers can hold triplets. It can fit through narrow aisles and tight places

Car seats can be attached onto the tandem strollers, depending on the build of the stroller. When folded, a tandem does not take up more space compared to standard strollers. Maneuvering and pushing a tandem can be a little difficult because you are pushing two or three youngs at a time.

The tandem is the best stroller when you have an older kid and a baby and when you want to push them together.


Transition of strollers

Most strollers are engineered for specific baby periods.

The car seat frame stroller is suitable for newborns up to six months. Since newborns are not able to lift up their heads and have weak neck support, a car seat stroller is the right choice. You can either use a bassinet attached to the frame of the stroller or a full-back reclined seat, instead of the car seat.

The standard strollers are for babies from six months up to three years of age. In this period, the babies have the capacity to lift their heads up and sufficient muscle strength in their necks. Furthermore, they are beginning to sit up in this age, that is why a standard sized stroller is the right fit. They also require more things as they grow bigger such as more bottles, more food, toys, diapers, clothes and wipes, which can be contained in the storage basket that standard strollers have.


Conclusion of Stroller Reviews

This is all for the stroller reviews. Having a new baby is the most wonderful thing that can happen to parents. Excitement and thrill are the usual emotions that embody between mommy and daddy. New baby means a lot from nurturing and guiding to his/her first steps. To engulf the baby to a strolling experience, the parents must decide what stroller is the right fit for them and for their baby. As mentioned above, there are a lot of factors that affect in choosing a stroller, and it is very essential to know what type of stroller is suitable for the baby, especially for newborns. Newborns require more caution and more nurturing because this is the crucial period for them. They are as fragile as a glass, and can be easily injured when not taken care of properly. A cradle, a bassinet, or a reclining seat is what a newborn needs because it offers a flat-back lying position, and newborns can only lie down until they can lift their heads up on their own.

As the baby grow older, new requirements are already taken into place such as a seat that can sit in an upright position. Older babies are now curious and tend to sit up on their own. Stroller safety features such as harness with buckles are needed to ensure safety.

Taking note of the needs of the baby really does pay a lot for his/her growth advancement. Not only you are able to care for your baby, but you also can relax and enjoy the strolling. You and your baby can enjoy the fresh air, can travel elsewhere and do things together. A stroller is a must for every parents with babies and kids until three years of age. Just make sure that you decide on the best stroller that can prove its worth to you and to your baby, and that can last for future babies. And we hope that provided information in this stroller reviews was helpful for you.

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