200 Liter Passive Solar Water Heater

The 200 Liter Passive Solar Water Heater has an innovative Heat Pipe technology that purposefully utilizes heat pipes in transferring heat effectively. Heat pipes are the common components that most solar heaters use for thermal conductivity or the ability to transport heat in long distances.


The manufacturing company is generous in endowing consumers warranties on the various components of the 200 Liter Passive solar water heater such as a 15-year warranty for the tubes, and a five-year warranty for the storage tank. Only a few companies give out a plentiful amount of warranties that can cover specific components of the water heater. This is already a great deal for consumers, especially when the heater has become malfunctioned.


The 200 Liter passive solar heater encompasses an electric backup in case the collected solar energy supply runs out without warning. It also uses vacuum tubes with heat pipes for direct heating of the household’s water supply. The heating process is considered to be simple, yet effective as it efficiently converts solar energy and directly heats the water source.

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