2-Panel Hybrid Solar Hot Water Heater

2-Panel Hybrid solar water heater is manufactured by Heliatos Solar Water Heating Systems, another leading manufacturing company in the solar heating industry. It is one of the best solar water heaters that consumers often buy due to its excellent preheating and heating capacity. It has an effective insulated storage tank to prevent heat from coming out.


It is installed with direct connection to the water supply, and it can be attached to existing pumping systems. Heliatos has utilized lightweight materials in the panel to keep the weight at a minimum  so that it can be mounted on the roof. It has two panels by default in providing warmth to your water supply. The panels are extensible, meaning you can attach more panels if your water supply is doubled. Additional panels may require you some extra cost. Each panel has a weight of 12 pounds, and are arranged in a 24” by 24” dimensions.


An instructions manual is guaranteed to be included in the package. Aqua Pex plastic tubing, copper tubing and Topsflo pump are among the components that are required to be attached to your 2-Panel Hybrid heating device.

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