150 Liter Duda Solar Water Heater

For a complete solar water heater package, the 150 Liter Duda is packed with a heater control, storage tank, automatic air vent, thermostatic mixing valve, propylene glycol and submersible water pump.


The heater control is considered to be an innovation in providing you with maximum control of the 150 Liter Duda solar water heater. It lets you to change the settings in the pressure gauge, pressure relief valve, and circulation pump. This heater has an insulation cover to avert heat from escaping, thus maintaining the collected heat inside the system.


It has an automatic air vent that is utilized for an automated exhaustion of air from hot and cold water pipeline systems. The air vent hinders the accumulation of air in pipes that may stop water flow, and it also prevents water overflowing. The manufacturing company is generous enough to endow different warranties for most of the components, such as a 15-year warranty for evacuated tubes, and a five-year warranty for the stainless steel storage tank.


150 Liter Duda Solar Water Heater has been certified and thoroughly tested by the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation or SRCC, as it has fully passed the general standards and precautions suited for a solar water heater.

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